back to article Newly cloud-tastic Oracle sees hardware sales droop

In its third fiscal 2017 quarter a post-NetSuite slurp Oracle saw marginal revenue and profits growth, but with inflated cloud revenues, the Oracle-ites are happy. It's all gloom on the hardware product sales front, though, as it seems that this quintessential on-premises selling business goes down in reverse lockstep with the …

  1. Anonymous Coward

    hardware revenues were down, not up!

    Oracle's quarterly earnings announcement shows that hardware revenues for the third fiscal quarter 2017 were down again: 14% down to be precise.

    The chart with blue bars in this article shows that hardware revenues were, somehow, up??

    Shurely that musht be a miiishtake??

  2. StheD

    Down year over year I'd expect, not quarter over quarter.

  3. Androgynous Cow Herd

    Cloud STILL runs on hardware...

    its just a more lucrative billing model and makes CIOs sound visionary. Oracle is playing a shell game with where the revenue is coming from.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    I think it's much more simple...

    "So what has depressed it?"

    The article blames it on the market (and some of its other players) but I can't help think that Oracle played a huge role in this themselves as well. Just check some Oracle news stories over the past years and pay extra attention to the general tone of the user comments. More than often do you read stories about unhappy people. Some noticed how Oracle raised their subscription plans in triple (and many ran off), then we read stories about Oracle trying to push Java patents which shows even more comments about people getting turned off from Oracle, then a few months back yet another story about Oracle raising their prices tremendously....

    Summing up: there are plenty of people around who have had negative experiences with Oracle in one way or the other which involved a huge increase in costs while hardly getting much back from it in return.

    So here's a question for you: do you honestly think those people would seriously consider Oracle for hardware? Wouldn't you consider it possible that the moment they see other people using Oracle's services that chances become high that they might warn them about Oracle and their sometimes bizarre business model (and drastic price increases)? Basically and effectively scaring even more people away from them?

    Never underestimate how quickly a bad experience with a company can travel and spread around.

  5. ar12


    It's interesting to see Oracle's priorities, the T7 boxes are pretty good performers at lest in the tests the I was able to perform. The in memory acceleration for the Oracle database was very impressive, although the extra license costs were a big turn off.

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