back to article NetSuite-nourished Oracle: SaaS margins will go up to 80%

Oracle thinks it's done the hard work as it transitions to become a cloud company and is now poised to convert swathes of its customers from software licences to SaaS and infrastructure-as-a-service subscriptions. So said Co-CEO Safra Catz on the company's third quarter earnings on Wednesday, during which she said “Our pivot …

  1. Otto is a bear.


    80% Margin, I foresee customer pressure on their margins then, I can't see many governments letting them get away with that either, unless non-government margins are even higher.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Possibly time to review and replace Oracle database instances with something else?

  3. Dominion


    If they can make 80% then I'm damn sure I can carry on with a traditional on-premise solution for considerably less.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    My opinion. Will Oracle be successful in:

    SaaS - Yes, many companies are too ingrained to move off of ERP. Oracle can basically call the shots in that install base.

    PaaS - Only if it is push button. People may move that legacy WebLogic stuff into PaaS if it a push button migration. If any rewriting or substantial mitigation is involved, people will move off of that old, expensive monolithic app server stuff to modern microservice based cloud stack without a costly license and support.

    IaaS - No way. They don't have the economies of scale of a Google or AWS.

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