back to article Microsoft fires up storage-optimised Azure instances

Microsoft's decided Azure needs virtual machines optimised for storage, so has given us all the new L-series to play with. They're all running Xeon E5 V3 CPUs and go from four cores, 32 GiB of RAM and 678 GB of local SSD up to 32 cores, 356 GiB RAM and “over 5.6 TB of local SSD.” Microsoft says the new instance type is for “ …

  1. really_adf


    "RAM and disk are typically sold as if a gigabyte is a thousand million bytes."

    Storage (be it HDD or SSD) yes, memory no.

    Memory (RAM, ROM, even I assume the flash chips inside SSDs) are inherently "binary-sized" because their capacity (in bits) is data_bus_width * 2^(address_lines), and data bus width is generally a power of two, so the capacity is also a power of two.

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