back to article Alexa: How do I get free AWS? Simples: Build more of ME!

Amazon is throwing free cloud credits at developers building apps for Alexa hosted on AWS. The cloud giant will give aspiring AI devs $200 worth of credit in an apparent response to the fact devs were hitting its existing free service too hard. The AWS Free Tier had dished out one million AWS Lambda requests and up to 750 …

  1. Ol'Peculier


    I almost hate to admit this, but this has given me an idea for a site I am working on. Being able to bellow "hey Alexa, who's playing at my local pub tonight?" does sort of seem like a fun thing to be able to do.

    But that would mean me having to buy one of the things, so maybe not...

  2. Politically Corect

    I got one for £50 (the 'Dot') more as a laugh than anything.

    Found it more useful than I at first envisioned (for the time (too lazy to look at my watch), the weather, adding up numbers and the odd spot of Radio 4).

    Then found myself perusing the 'Lighting Department' when She That Must Be Followed Through Shops With Wallet was, you know, buying crap for the house.

    Got myself some Hue bulbs. Also more for a giggle but also to show that I too can buy domestic things and be all homely and nesty. Anyway, they ruddy well worked. So I bought some more!

    However, I've now programmed it to query my database.

    "Alexa, how many widgets sold yesterday at so and such" ....

    and a whole lot more.

    It's given me cause to raise an eyebrow :-)

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