back to article SAP is now hosting VMs in its cloud. Just don't call it HANA

SAP probably isn't high on the list of companies you'd contemplate as a host of a virtual machine in the cloud, but the company's just doubled down on a service that offers just that. The company's not trying to be a general-purpose cloud platform. Instead, the offering is part of the recently-re-named SAP Cloud Platform. …

  1. Jet Set Willy

    SAP S for Hana?

    I believe it is branded as SAP S/4 HANA, not "S for", although it is pronounced the same way.

    This follows the major SAP re-engineering nomenclature: S/2 (before my time), S/3 (what most people are using today for SAP ERP, although also called many other things) and S/4 (SAP ERP on in-memory).

    Of course, as the article notes, the marketing bods at SAP have great fun changing version names all of the time - I could well be out of date myself. I just develop on it and sometimes an upgrade gives us new toys to play with.

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