back to article Google briefly broke 'Droid Pay with last week's Android update

Last week's Android security update broke Android's Pay for some Nexus 6 users, so it was pulled and re-posted. We'll probably never know whether the issue would have affected users on non-Google devices because it takes a while for new firmware to wend its way through the alleys of the Android ecosystem, but Nexus 6 users …

  1. Bloodbeastterror

    "lucky Nexus owners"...?

    I don't think having a broken phone, having the image pulled, and then the *same* image mysteriously posted again without any explanation counts as "lucky", surely?

    Not two images, the same image twice. Your reporter needs to fact-check better.

    1. Bloodbeastterror

      Re: "lucky Nexus owners"...?

      Or perhaps I'm being unfair - it's more the sub-headline that's at fault than the article itself.

  2. Kevin Johnston

    I wonder..

    Will the fact there were two updates in such a short timeframe count against users as they have now used up an extra update credit?

    I will say though it is amazing how quickly these companies can react when it hits their bottom line

  3. Planty Bronze badge

    There we go

    "because it takes a while for new firmware to wend its way through the alleys of the Android ecosystem"

    Wondered how long it would be, before than lame nonsense was awkwardly pushed in.

    This day and ago, it's mostly irreverent what major version of Android you are running, they all get security patches, and Google Play Services handles the much of the new platform functionality. The big version OS update only really bring OS feature tweaks.

    1. Bloodbeastterror

      Re: There we go


      That word is reserved for Apple products. :-)

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: There we go

      It's true of the Google Play bits, but that does not cover everything. The kernel and drivers, for example, can not be upgraded in any other way than an OS update, and those do have plenty of security issues.

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