back to article Apache Struts 2 bug bites Canada, Cisco, VMware and others

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) says its website was attacked by hackers exploiting an Apache Struts 2 vulnerability. The site was taken offline to patch the security bug, and only publicly accessible information was lifted from the compromised web servers, we're told. The flaw in the Struts 2 framework is trivial to exploit: …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    CRA has a long history of sharing information

    Even before going digital the CRA has been sharing it's information. No less than a change in how Canada is governed is going to be able to stop that. Of course those responsible for the CRA and it's extreme powers wouldn't want just anyone to be able to access the information, it is worth more if only those from the Five Eyes have access.

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