back to article Excelero stumbles, squinting, into sunlight clutching its remote direct-access NVMe kit

Storage startup Excelero slides out of stealth today with its NVMesh v1.1 Server SAN software, which can drink data directly from a remote node, bypassing that node's CPU. Excelero is active in the NVMe over Fabrics area, in which remote direct access to a storage resource is almost as fast as direct local access, and has, in …

  1. Genzel

    Stumbling, squinting, into sunlight...thats how Unicorns are being born! :-)

    Thank you Chris for a great article!

  2. J_Metz

    This is great news. Excelero has some really great tech and some very impressive stats for their numbers. Moreover, they've managed to avoid some common mistakes in their architecture that give them some extremely good insight into their mesh fabric. Kudos to the Excelero team!

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