back to article Quantum board shake-up on the cards as threat of NYSE delisting looms

Quantum's board has caved in to activist investor VIEX and agreed to reconstitute itself with new independent directors. VIEX owns approximately 11 per cent of outstanding shares in Quantum's common stock. It claims Quantum's share price has under-performed because top brass have made wrong decisions about running the business …

  1. Dwarf Silver badge

    Don't cave in to the activists. The only shareholder value they care about is their short term view of how much they can rip out from the running business before they dump your carcass and move on to their next prey.

    Its good to see the sensible criteria being put around the replacements - people that understand the market, which is always a good option for long term shareholder value.

    Go Quantum !

  2. Detective Emil
    Paris Hilton


    A sentence or two of background about what Quantum does (or is failing to do) would be useful.

    1. Mephistro

      Re: Who?

      "what Quantum does"

      They do "Storage". Actually they are(/were?) one of the big names in hard disk drives.

      More details in

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