back to article MongoDB emits free-tier DBaaS and migration service to woo devs

MongoDB has announced a free tier for its DBaaS offering Atlas, as it continues to sound out the incumbents' customers who might be looking to save a bit of money. Founded as 10gen in New York City back in 2007, the business behind the document-oriented database has pushed a lot of resources towards evangelism, as most open- …

  1. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge


    Does that not normally (in IT Terms) mean to stop something?

    Should the title not say 'Announces' or 'Releases'?

  2. oxfordmale78

    Mongo is slowly turning into a sales company and seems less concerned about technical improvements. MongoDB is not bad, but it needs an overhaul of its three query languages and a far better integration with Apache Spark if it wants to stay a serious NoSQL contender.

  3. EnviableOne Silver badge

    I wonder ....

    "giving customers an opportunity to run an instance in the cloud which they needn't bother wiht the hassle of managing themselves"

    does that mean they are actually going to turn the security on?

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