back to article Wow, did you see what happened to Veracode? Oh no, no, it's not dead. It's been bought by CA

Investors in the cloudy app security biz Veracode are going to be celebrating after CA Technologies agreed to buy it up for $614m in cash. CA announced the buy on Monday and said that it wanted to add Veracode's application security testing to its security lineup and devops business, as well as keeping its cloud apps more …

  1. Amos1

    Well, I guess we're not going to proceed with Veracode then

    Too bad. I really like their products but only old, entrenched IT bods will buy IBM, HP or CA. This product will go down the toilet soon.

    1. Wilco

      Re: Well, I guess we're not going to proceed with Veracode then

      Probably a good call. Software company acquisitions very rarely work out well for customers or employees. Presumably they work out OK for the shareholders of the companies concerned, but I'm not usually in that category..

      I used to work at CA in the dodgy days of recently released convicted felon and ex CEO Sanjay Kumar and completely innocent ex CEO Charles Wang.

      I sure it's all absolutely fine there now. Oh yes, definitely.

  2. Tom Paine

    Oh 'ecks


  3. HurdImpropriety

    Rank and Yank... CA took it to a whole new level

    Oh joy... Computer Associates.. they elevated Rank and Yank to a whole new level... not just putting good people in the lowest "Unsatisfactory" bucket but also actually posting the whole employee rankings in the areas where employees sat. Thereby guaranteeing cutthroat behavior. CA (like HP) gets everything they deserve.

  4. AdamKR


    We just renewed our subscription for a product we like very much. Please don't ruin it, CA, please. Please.

    What crappy news to start the day to.

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