back to article Revamped IDC Storage Tracker anoints Dell as external storage top dog

The latest IDC Storage Tracker says top dog Dell Technologies has more external storage revenue share than HPE, IBM and NetApp combined. The previous Storage Tracker format separated external enterprise storage (arrays) from total enterprise storage, which includes storage sold with servers, and provided tabulated results for …

  1. FDavids

    This new IDC format is not apples to apples

    Not that any IDC format is fully apples to apples, but this one is the worst. Dell+EMC, IBM, and Hitachi for example sells mainframe storage which is a high revenue and high dollar product. Most other companies do not, so lumping them in together provides an unrealistic picture. If you were to compare all flash open systems storage for example, which is more apples to apples and where the entire industry is heading, the chart would be completely different. For example IBM and Pure have lost considerable ground in open systems flash according to the last IDC release while NetApp has grown considerably and is almost the same revenue as Dell/ EMC. This is a useless chart for apples to apples comparisons. IMO

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