back to article This week on GitHub: Facebook's forecaster and a sysadmin CURSE

To kick off this week's Repo Roundup, in which we trawl online code repositories so you don't have to, Facebook's emitted a prophecy, and we don't mean Mark Zuckerberg's manifesto: it's a forecasting procedure for R and Python, designed to work with the kind of datasets Facebook slurps. It's aimed at time series data, “based …

  1. Steve the Cynic

    OK, I had to look that up. I wish I hadn't.

    Seriously, I'd never heard of a T-shirt cannon. Goggle provided me with enough answers without following links, and I'm sorry it did. Well, except that it made the search *short*.

  2. Ugotta B. Kiddingme

    don't know about your side of the pond, but...

    t-shirt cannons are quite popular at many US sporting events. Occasionally, of course, the "bigger is always better" crowd takes over and results in the sort of amusing lunacy which, one assumes, involves engineering students and plenty of alcohol.

    1. John Gamble

      Re: don't know about your side of the pond, but...

      How can anyone celebrate T-shirt cannons after the horrific tragedy in Springfield (Youtube link).

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