back to article HPE's started firing people at Simplivity, say former employees

HPE looks to have started writing pink slips for Simplivity people. The Register has heard from former-as-of-last-week regional sales manager at Simplivity who tells us that folks in marketing, channel, finance and inside sales have all been shown the door. Our source says plenty of sales engineering and outside sales people …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Has there ever been an acquisition where they buyer DIDN'T lay off some of the staff they just bought?

    I've never been through one that didn't ... and I've been through half a dozen

  2. CheesyTheClown

    HP + Cisco + Dell != Software

    If there's anything that Cisco, Dell and HP have proven over and over again is that they are hardware only companies. They simply don't understand things like the fact that software is actually more important than hardware because you can take the software with you when you leave.

    VMware still has at least a little bit of trust in the industry because Dell hasn't been stupid enough to try and roll it into Dell as a Dell offering.

    Simplivity is absolutely useless now because it's an HPE product and you should be expected to run it on HPE hardware and if you leave, you leave Simplivity also.

    Cisco's HyperFlex technology is an absolute joke. Because VMware is a disaster when it comes to software updates, HyperFlex is dangerously scary as you probably for safety reasons should never ever upgrade any hosts running HyperFlex technology... or NSX, you should simply delete the node and start off with a new replication. This means that where every other vendor's hyperconverged technology only needs three servers in a cluster, HyperFlex needs a minimum of four.

    Companies need to use storage from the hypervisor vendor exclusively. Using third party hyperconverged storage with VMware, Azure, OpenStack or Citrix is sheer stupidity. It's also excessively wasteful. Currently, VMware's solution is the weakest and the worst to manage. I conspire to believe this is related to having been own by a storage company peddling legacy for so long they didn't want people to depend on better solutions.

    1. unredeemed

      Re: HP + Cisco + Dell != Software

      Most all of your posts berate on VMware to some level. The Reg could be talking about unicorns, and you seem to bring up Vmware and crap on them. It's quite amusing.

      HPE used to have a great software division. Of course, they let it languish and die. I've always joked over the last decade or so, "HP, where software goes to die."

      Dell, with the acquisition of EMC, has now grown their software portfolio tremendously. If you thought EMC was a storage company, think again. They themselves had to admit moving to HCI, software defined this and that, etc. But they have a long way to go, to gain trust, and the Dell selling machine isn't quite up to speed on this talk tract.

      Cisco? Cisco has HUGE potential to rule the coop if they could integrate or build a best of breed set of apps based on their acquisitions. Who's taking marketshare? NSX from VMmware... Cisco just doesn't seem nimble in changing direction, and still thinks custom ASIC's are the way to go (much like HPE and 3Par).

    2. baspax

      Re: HP + Cisco + Dell != Software

      Your are full of it. Half the stuff you wrote is utter bollocks

    3. EuKiwi

      Re: HP + Cisco + Dell != Software

      Dear God, you really have no idea what you are talking about, do you?

    4. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: HP + Cisco + Dell != Software

      The only joke here is your comment. If you don't even get right something as simple as the minimum number of nodes on HyperFlex, everything else in your post seems really... credible. Sure...

  3. HurdImpropriety

    HP joke

    The only "bullocks" on here is your anti-VMware rants there sparky.

    HP... where seat sensors were actually installed under employees seats. Yes this really happened in the Marlboro facility. That and Rank and Yank employee weighted ranking nonsense. Everything that happens to HP is deserved by HP.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: HP joke

      The joke is on HP. Now they are really finding how the "enterprise class" works. Or isn't?

      And for all of you, software defined storage folks, you should invent software defined errors. Then you will start making sense in the real world. IMHO

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