back to article Is your AI being handed to you by Google? Try Apache open source – Amazon's AWS did

Surprisingly, the MXNet Machine Learning project was this month accepted by the Apache Software Foundation as an open-source project. What's surprising about the announcement isn't so much that the ASF is accepting this face in the crowd to its ranks – it's hard to turn around in the software world these days without tripping …

  1. JMcL

    I'm not sure how much Amazon have actually contributed to MXNet, delving into some background on it seems to suggest it was driven by the University of Washington and Carnegie Mellon, with Amazon coming to the conclusion it was pretty cool tech and promoting it on AWS.

    I'd like to be proved wrong on this front as it'd be very nice to see Amazon start to step up and give something back to the open source community, where they seriously lag behind the likes of Google, Facebook, Twitter, and even <cough> Microsoft

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