back to article Your future boss? An employee-interrogating bot – it's an open-source gift from Dropbox

Dropbox has released the code for the chatbot it uses to question employees about interactions with corporate systems, in the hope that it can help other organizations automate security processes and improve employee awareness of security concerns. "One of the hardest, most time-consuming parts of security monitoring is …

  1. Mutton Jeff

    Would you like some toast?

    How about a muffin?

    Howdy doodly doo

    1. DailyLlama

      Re: Would you like some toast?

      Given that space is infinite, and time is infinite... would you like a toasted teacake?

  2. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    One afternoon in Hawai...

    Hi Edward.

    We've noticed you've downloaded a high number of files to a local flash drive. This is against NSA policy and we cannot find any work order authorizing this task.

    Can you please notify us of the relevant work order #?

    1. Paul Crawford Silver badge

      Re: One afternoon in Hawai...

      Hi bot,

      Yes its a new ultra-secret project codenamed FUCKITOL to improve the NSA's compliance with the US legal system and constitution.

      Yours, Edward.

      p.s. Please delete all references to this as you are not written in Ada so are not approved for that level of classification.

  3. Lt.Kije


    "Affirmations" such as Great! Awesome!! & "Good Job"!!! make my skin crawl. May their inventors and promulgators rot in hell, right next to the snowflakes who insist on "Reaching Out!!!"


    1. AJ MacLeod

      Re: Affirmations

      This new plague of "Reaching out" must be brought under control. Dropbox were, funnily enough, the first company I noticed using it in ridiculous ways but it's spread all over the place.

      No, I didn't "reach out" to you, I sent you an email. I wasn't pleading, enticing, grabbing... I just sent you an email about Dropbox!

  4. User McUser

    Two Truths and a Lie

    "So, we don’t bother you for some period of time, because we can be pretty sure three sudos in a row, in the same context, are all you."

    So the lesson here is to be sure and conceal your malicious activities alongside two legitimate tasks.

  5. Robert Carnegie Silver badge


    I suppose you can defeat this chatbot (1) using the now-available source code and (2) using SQL Injection to wipe its own database.

    1. Pliny the Whiner

      Re: Presumably,

      "I suppose you can defeat this chatbot (1) using the now-available source code and (2) using SQL Injection to wipe its own database."

      unless (3) your name is Little Bobby Tables, in which case, we'll sanitize the inputs.

  6. Anonymous C0ward

    I noticed you were trying to play "Chess"

    Would you prefer "Global Thermonuclear War"?

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