back to article OK, hyperconverged is the new black. But who's winning at it?

A consultancy reports that Nutanix, Simplivity and VMware lead the SDS/HCI market, while Microsoft, Cisco and HPE lag behind. Interesting... now that HPE has bought SimpliVity it must be a top 2 player and could be numero uno (it is). But lead in what? Certainly not in sales units or revenues; this is mainly a product …

  1. juul

    HyperHyperconverged or Megahyperconverged

    What will it be called when it is possible to administer/provision Solaris/AIX/BSD/Mainframe ressources ?

    1. ar12

      Re: HyperHyperconverged or Megahyperconverged

      Uberconverged. Ideal for gig computing and load sharing...

    2. Sigmund Fraud

      Re: HyperHyperconverged or Megahyperconverged


      and the next iteration


      and then probably tack on Uber....

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: HyperHyperconverged or Megahyperconverged

      Q: "What will it be called when it is possible to administer/provision Solaris/AIX/BSD/Mainframe ressources ?"

      A: 1995

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Buy my report .....

    next rev will be pay to play .....

  3. fredesmite

    esstentially overloaded ethernet

    is all it is.

  4. WhatMatrix Community

    comment from the WhatMatrix Community

    We love the fact that Chris has covered the availability of our new report.

    Just want to highlight that all of our consultants are voluntary for the benefit of the community. The described "box-ticking exercise" is actually comprised of in-depth capability reviews between vendor and consultant, time-intense data collection, often undocumented features and sensitive "rating" discussions. As our comparisons are "always online" this repeats with every product update and involves daily processing of "open community curation" that we enable. Plus, the comparisons will ALWAYS be free to access.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      in-depth capability reviews between vendor and consultant?

      Not true. Vendors who choose not to participate in the "box-ticking exercise" are still included with random answers. Not an HCI vendor, but been WhatMatrixed before.

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