back to article Arris slaps down US$800m to buy Brocade's wireless bits

Arris Technologies will buy Ruckus Wireless from Broadcom, for US$800m. Ruckus came to Broadcom when it acquired Brocade in November 2016. Selling the company seems a little odd as wireless was one of the few bright spots in Brocade's final earnings call as an independent entity. In Q2 2016, Ruckus added 51 per cent to Brocade …

  1. nsld

    Seems cheap

    At $800 ......

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Seems cheap

      Especially considering that BRCD paid twice this amount of money for Ruckus alone a year earlier.

      1. jamesb2147

        Re: Seems cheap

        IDK how things are done in Australia, but I think he's referring to the $800 price originally listed in the title, which is now updated to $800m, which in the US is generally posted with a capital M as $800M.

  2. StorageMitch

    What about the other bits?

    Does anyone know what's happening to the other Ethernet/IP products lines; DC switching (VCX/SLX), Routing (SLX/MLX)?

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