back to article What does a complex AI model look like? Here's some Friday eye candy from UK biz Graphcore

Brit chip startup Graphcore has produced sexy images of its graph processing. We wrote about Graphcore scoring $30m A-round funding in October. The processor designer came out of two years in XMOS-incubated stealth mode at that time, and was founded by CEO Nigel Toon and CTO Simon Knowles. XMOS is a fabless semiconductor …

  1. m0rt

    AI Graphing is the new Mandlebrot, Brah!

  2. AndyS

    Can someone explain

    Simply, in a few words, what the word "graph" means in this article?

    1. EddieD

      Re: Can someone explain

      Make graphical?

      That's my best bet. After "bibble", which was my initial reaction.

    2. jzl

      Re: Can someone explain

      Graph means a set of items of data (nodes) connected by pointers (edges). In this case, the nodes are probably functions which transform tensors (multi-dimensional arrays of numbers).

      Graph (abstract data type)

  3. Yugguy

    It looks like bacteria blooms

    What does it actually signify? Probabilities of outcomes?

    1. jzl

      Re: It looks like bacteria blooms

      You can think of it as loosely analogous to a diagram of neurons and the connections between them in a brain.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I, for one, an prepared to throw vast amounts of money at this in order to avoid thinking about what it actually means.

    1. Rol Silver badge

      Re: Sold

      I for one, am prepared to throw vast amounts of my paid time at this in order to avoid unemployment.

      And I live in Bristol.

      I like numbers and logic and I can make really good tea and coffee. I can even bring my coffee grinder to work, if it helps get the job.

      Come on. You deserve a decent coffee in the morning, and I can bang away on a keyboard like a demented Babel monkey in-between making drinks.

      If you're keen, I have a toaster friend, who I rescued from Red Dwarf and he's great with bread products, and is really good at testing virtue boundaries, like, patience, and his logic algorithms are flawless, to the point of dogmatic.

      So employ me and you get a free coffee grinder and a manic toaster, in one sweet, never to regret package. And did I mention I live in Bristol and would work for nothing other than the paper-clips I lose down my turn-ups.

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