back to article Enterprise IT storage – where being fat and very dense is, um, a good thing. Right, Cloudian?

Cloudian is now touting a fat HyperStore 4000 alongside its HyperStore 1500 appliance. Both boxes are compatible with Amazon's AWS S3 APIs. The new 4000 comes in a 4U box with two compute nodes inside. There are 35 hot-swap 3.5-inch disk drives per node, and the same four hot-swap SSDs and 10GbitE networking as with the HS …

  1. P. Lee

    Looks at logo and name

    Cloudians of the Galaxy, fighting the Evil Decepticons!

    Cloud! Ah-ah! Saviours of the data-verse!

  2. cloudguy

    Ultra-density storage server revisted

    Well, Cloudian released a multi-node storage server (Supermicro) with JBOD chassis (QCT) less than two years ago called the FL3000. All traces of it seem to have been removed from the Cloudian website. The HyperStore 4000 is a combined two-node storage server with 35 HDDs per node in a 4U chassis from QCT (QuantaPlex T21P-4U). The HyperStore FL3000, while expandable and highly modular, didn't offer a lot more than stacking 1U "pizza box" servers like the current HyperStore 1500 storage server. If you need PB plus storage from the get-go, then the ultra-dense HyperStore 4000 looks useful. If you are starting with a sub PB storage cluster, the HyperStore 1500 will be more useful because smaller clusters benefit from having more storage server nodes when it comes to using replication and/or erasure coding data to protect data.

  3. Rainer

    Anybody uses that?

    How does it compare to "plain" Ceph?

    Or the commercial Ceph offered by RedHat

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