1. Conundrum1885

    New project "Logan"

    Hi, is something like this actually feasible?

    I had some ideas, shared them with a couple of Ebay sellers to see if they were interested and there are several applications for a high frequency low current RF induction device like this.

    Its not intended to be hazardous and in fact could be very useful as the prototype other researchers have made can induce a field over several metres thanks to modifications made possible by laser advances and 3-D printing.

    I also have some ideas to use existing technology in order to boost efficiency by an order of magnitude, my (probably inaccurate) calculations suggest that it could run for 25-30 seconds at a time or until the driver stages heat up and between the poles generate nearly 500,000 volts (0.5MV) of RF at 13.56 MHz while being not much larger than a TV remote control!

    Its not actually that hard, just requires some creative thinking to build it.

    The tricky part now would be building a test coil before spending probably 2 weeks making the full scale version, there are a lot of very complex optimizations requiring FEMM and fine tuning of the field coil(s) and secondaries.

    A chip-scale atomic clock and dual magnetometers would help but good luck findng something handheld for under $2000.

    Other problems: can't seem to locate a matching magnetic field generator but it might not need this if the field is generated in the lab from a larger system or surplus LHe cooled MRI magnet etc.

    Any ideas?

    1. jake Silver badge

      Re: New project "Logan"

      Civilian frying of RFID bits & bobs might be frowned upon by the .gov of your choice. This is probably the wrong forum to solicit information on same.

  2. Conundrum1885

    Re. Project Logan

    Was reference to Logan St Clare.

    aka Sliders.

    I think this could work, at least for medical imaging and a compact MRI-like device that could image a sample several feet away with a superconducting magnet cooled with a closed cryocooler.

    If higher temperature materials are feasible then a handheld "remote control" could actually scan for anomalies just like a real tricorder.

  3. vithu

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