back to article Sophos to assimilate Invincea's intelligent machine tech to fight malware

Sophos has announced a deal to acquire the core technologies of anti-malware protection outfit Invincea for $100m plus up to $20m, dependent on first-year revenues. Invincea makes a line of signature-less endpoint procession technologies that rely on machine learning and behavioural monitoring to block malware. Sophos plans …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    If you can't beat them...

    Sophos last year - > Next-gen AV based on machine learning is ineffective

    Sophos next year -> Why don't you try our effective machine learning based AV!

  2. adam payne

    Sophos CEO Kris Hagerman commented: "Invincea is leading the market in machine learning-based threat detection with the combination of superior detection rates and minimal false positives. Invincea will strengthen Sophos's leading next-gen endpoint protection with complementary predictive defences that we believe will become increasingly important to the future of endpoint protection and allow us to take full advantage of this significant new growth opportunity."

    Sophos stop buying up other businesses and fix the problems you already have, such as your tech support department.

  3. anothercynic Silver badge

    @adam payne

    Hear hear...

  4. Flywheel

    Well, that worked out well,. didn't it?!

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