back to article Polish banks hit by malware sent through hacked financial regulator

Polish banks are investigating a massive systems hack after malware was discovered on several companies' workstations. The source of the executables? The sector's own financial regulator, the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF). A spokesman for the KNF confirmed that their internal systems had been compromised by …

  1. Alexander J. Martin

    I think these miscreants need to be sent to Borschtal.

  2. cd

    Not with a bang, nor a whimper, but a javascript.

  3. tr1ck5t3r

    You cant make this up.

    From what I have seen this malware is also operating at the Firmware level on a variety of devices, well beyond the surveillance of any AV that only scans the files available through an OS, or the boot sectors for rootkits.

    I suspect theres millions of systems out there infected and no one is any the wiser as it lies dormat ready for action.

    If its not the work of any spooks, who will be watching all the traffic passing over their networks, albeit encrypted until they do a man in the middle attack on it, by rerouting your DNS lookups thanks to an old trick called Phorm which was first used to inject adverts into your web browsing experience, but can be used across all ports, just like a MITM can be done on your secure email systems.

    So if its not the spooks, then its got to be a skunk works dept in one of the US tech giants who have secured their own networks from Govt, or a massive hacker collective.

    Either way these people are resourced and intelligent.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "From what I have seen..."

    1. tr1ck5t3r

      So which one are you choosing?

      1. HieronymusBloggs

        @tr1ck5t3r: Don't know if you're based in the UK, but if so psychiatric treatment is available on the NHS.

        1. Paul Crawford Silver badge

          I believe that dried frog pills are also available, and very efficacious in such cases.

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