back to article See that flashing taillight? Micron CEO has signalled a move

Two exec moves have flashed up in the solid state world. Micron CEO Mark Durcan told analysts he was going to stop being CEO and Kaminario’s CTO has quit. Shachar Fienblit has flagged up his Kaminario CTO slot departure on his Linked webpage. His Kaminario history is VP Engineering from April 2009 to the end of 2014, and CTO …

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    Can't speak directly this CEO as only work I ever did for Micron was as a contractor long ago but in the semiconductor industry (not counting HPs and Dells of the world) many CEOs tend to be more like CEO should be where the company always comes first and they don't tend to cash out golden parachutes every two years (dude taking time to pick his successor which a good CEO takes very seriously). You really know when you finally get lucky and work for a CEO like that where you aren't so worried what he makes because you see first hand what he has built up (fyi where CEO makes or breaks companies is in M&A stuff) and he has done a good job of getting buy in all around. It also helps when your company actually makes something instead of an unicorn just allowing people to post pics of their breakfast so the CEO is less likely just another sociopath just looking to get out while the getting is good. Sure this guy probably isn't all rosy but sounds more like it than say a Kirt McMaster.

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