back to article New US Net Neutrality law coming 'within three months' – advisor

US Congress could be discussing net neutrality legislation within three months, replacing controversial FCC-created regulations, according to an academic with the ear of the administration. And new FCC chief Ajit Pai could well favour the kind of neutrality protection Americans enjoyed in 2005 and 2010, before Obama pushed the …

  1. ST Silver badge

    The consumer has been forgotten in the desire to punish telecomms companies

    Punish telecom companies? Seriously? They feel punished?

    I beg to differ!

    I have it on very reliable sources that Spectrum/Charter feels mostly sued right now, for screwing over consumers. But I digress.

    This article reads like a press release from Comcast or Spectrum/Charter - née Time Warner Cable.

    There is a difference between opinion journalism and taking dictation.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    European regulation was the last line of defence against the total tory sellout of UK to US corporations. Expect the Amerishitters to start chipping away at net neutrality here soon.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The major threat is not paid prioritization, it's anti-competitive service bundling. Thune's bill doesn't address it.

    Net neutrality rules need to include provisions that require ISPs to have separate pricing for unmetered data services and offer similar terms to competing services.

  4. Roger B

    I'm no expert but..

    This article reads the exact opposite of what I, from the UK, understand the current US situation to be,

    I believe Comcast have already introduced data caps, something like 1TB? which in these times of HD Netflix or even (sort of) UHD Netflix and 60GB console games with 20GB day 1 patches soon disappears.

    The growing trend of cord cutting is encouraging cable TV suppliers to tie the best broadband deals to their TV packages

    Competition is generally pathetic and the dream of Google fibre is vanishing as local councils don't want Google implementation their own connections for whatever kickback reasons

    Network speeds are now generally worse than the UK which is incredible to believe.

    I may be wrong, but it will be interesting to revisit this article in 12 months time and see how things have progressed.

  5. The_Idiot

    If I may...

    ... "New US Net Non-Neutrality law coming 'within three months' - advisor

    What, cynical? _Moi_?

  6. earl grey

    this rates a "pants on fire"

    "“There’s a huge amount of abuse because they can game the system and get lots of reimbursements from people who never take it up,"

    and the whole article reads like it was written by the telcos. For shame Reg, for shame.

    1. diodesign (Written by Reg staff) Silver badge

      Re: this rates a "pants on fire"

      The net neutrality debate is exactly that, a debate. There are shrill and moderate voices on both sides. We've written heaps about net neutrality amid Comcast et al screwing over subscribers. Andrew's writing from the other side, the side that argues what the FCC was dong was flawed.


  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Neutrality? What's that, Precious?

    There are many competing arguments for and against Net Neutrality. Not the least of which is; this is how the Internet was built, and we need to keep this is the spirit of fairness. Asshole carriers can change the way the game is played, and projecting Net Neutrality as some kind of anti-consumer project aimed at thwarting their "continuing progress with provided the latest communication technologies" is a lie.

    The real deal is this; everyone has equal access to the Internet, more or less, but without Net Neutrality you'll "be able" to "pay for higher speeds" and other bullshit, made-up, service "features" that don't exist. The carriers, who all collude on these strategic decisions, will force everyone up their tiers until we are in tears! It will work just like this; I pay for regular service without "extra high speeds" and it works fine today, next the carrier will setup a new tier that provides this "new" level of service and start to ween everyone off of the lower tiers. You see where this is going? Next, they weasel their way with the big content providers to "provide more customers and existing customers at a higher class of bandwidth, so you had better play our game, or your precious customers will get shit-class services and we'll steal them away by providing an in-house content scheme at pennies on the dollar... at first."

    Face it, without keeping the carriers at bay, it's every consumer for themselves while these fucking pirates continue to rule your Internet access, whether or not you pay into the new pricing structure. This is all about empire building, nothing to do with giving me better service, unless I play the game and "pay extra." Meanwhile your carrier will be trying to use old, sub-standard equipment and methodologies in-house to further pump up their profits and slash pesky operating costs, like security and the latest gear.

    No big company is any humans friend. Neither is a government in-bed with these companies and taking bribes from them pretending that it's something else called lobbying. It is known.

    Every politician is a crook. But to actively portray the biggest crook as a "leader" is the sign of an easily led electorate that should get an IQ test before being allowed to cast a vote. No wonder there are so many disenfranchised peoples; they mostly can't think for themselves, and are fooled by anything pretending to be news, from any source imaginable, except a proper one. :P And nothing has changed. Those idiots are still poor and stupid, and will be in four years time.

  8. Mikel

    We paid them for universal broadband

    We never got it, but we did pay for it.

    Several times. Last in 2015.

    The running total is approaching half a trillion dollars, which I'm sure you know is enough for every American to have hot fibre dangling from every orifice. It ain't gonna happen though.

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