back to article Samsung is on fire, overtakes Apple as world's #1 chip-shifter

Samsung overtook Apple in Gartner's "total addressable semiconductor" market. The list largely reflects smartphone vendors, with strong growth for Huawei and BKK, although Dell retains a presence. Apple's share of the global chip business fell for the first time since 2008, according to one measure. Gartner's tally includes …

  1. Mage
    Paris Hilton


    Apple bought in an existing expert ARM licence SoC design company. The first iPhone used the Samsung SC6400 family ARM SoC.

    Also on what basis is this assessed? Apple doesn't have even a quarter of mobile phone market. What about chips in washing machines, router/modems, TVs, Radios, Flash (used in phones, eReaders, USB sticks, SD Cards, HDD parameters, modems, TVs, etc), RAM.

    Really this sounds dubious that Apple was ever at #1. Also what foundry makes the chips that Apple's bought in company uses?

    Also "sales value" for chips only used in house might be quite fictitious.

    1. Steve Medway

      Re: Apple

      "Apple bought in an existing expert ARM licence SoC design company"

      Being a bit of a pedant they actually bought an expert PowerPC SoC design company. A change in instruction set didn't faze them at all though, Apple's ARM designs are probably the best in the industry.

      Apple licenced Samsung's ARM design until the iPhone4 was released with their bespoke 'A4' chip.

      The rest of the post is spot on. The numbers make no sense at all. Especially when adding in Samsung processors in old iPhones.

  2. Sealand

    Samsung is on fire

    Try a different brand of batteries.

  3. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge


    Don't you mean Billion?

    Sales in the region of $30M is a mere drop in the ocean.

    Then, I have to ask what chips Apple sells to others. Apple does not posess a foundry so everything it makes has to be made by others. So Samsung and others are used to make them for Apple but I really struggle to think of what chips they sell on the open market.

    Samsung on the otherhand makes chips for many people including Apple. Do these count in the sales figure? Many companies use Samsum Ram in their products. I find it hard to think that Someone the size of Samsung has only sold just over $30M worth of chips in the past year.

    It would be really nice to know the real metrics for the calculation of these figures.

    1. Snowy Silver badge

      Re: Million$?

      Or it is the number of chips sold rather than the value of them and the $ sign is the mistake?

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Million$?

        The whole thing makes no sense. Obviously it should be in billions, not millions, since $31.6 million is nothing, and 31.6 million chips would allow them less than one chip per phone and none for TVs etc.

        I guess it is the number of chips in what Gartner tracks, so Samsung sold 31.6 billion chips in all the phones, TVs and PCs they sold while Apple sold 29.8 billion chips in all the phones and PCs they sold. But could Apple really sell enough chips in PCs to make up for all the extra low end phones Samsung sells plus their TVs?

        The stat looks to be pretty meaningless, it sounds like it is essentially ranking smartphone sales, but TVs and PCs are thrown in for no apparent reason. Why not cars, set top boxes and tablets? Gartner wouldn't put together this report if no one paid for it, so the question is: Who is stupid enough to pay for this report?

  4. Lorribot

    The last bit is interesting...

    .....the OS bit.

    Why Samsung thought it could license an OS to other OEMs when MS failed miserable (though extenuating circumstances of complete ineptitude on MS part) when they have no eco system or Apps to speak of is beyond me. I can understand where Huawei is coming from (megalomaniac control freak) but outside of China I doubt it will float for the same reason as MS and Samsung failed and an unwillingness on their part to push it out there for others to do stuff/run with is not going to work

    Imagine if MS released a version/image file of Windows Phone 10 that would work on a Samsung S8 or indeed any/all other Android phones.......

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