back to article Citrix looks like it has escaped 'not dead yet' status

In 2015 Citrix was in trouble: the company fired 900 employees and warned it would miss guidance on earnings, endured a profit slump and cleaned out its C-suite. While the company could still point to annual revenue grazing towards US$3bn, software companies don't often improve their health after bad years. With VMware …

  1. The Original Steve

    The last 5 - 10 years Microsoft have made Windows RemoteApp a viable, cheaper alternative to Citrix which my firm and my clients have happily embraced.

    What's with the u-turn? The value of Windows, IMHO is the raft of easy to deploy, integrated technologies that come with. AD, RemoteApp, Group Policy, Hyper-V, WDS etc.

    Going backwards is a silly move IMHO.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Wasn't "Kirill Tatarinov" the Russian bad guy on that show?

    The stock photo used on this article looks like the title sequence from a late 1960s ITC adventure TV series or something.

    I loved watching repeats of "The Man from Citrix" when I was a kid ;-)

    1. Ashley_Pomeroy

      Re: Wasn't "Kirill Tatarinov" the Russian bad guy on that show?

      It looks like a colourised version of Target, which was a late-70s BBC clone of The Sweeney but not as good:

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Wasn't "Kirill Tatarinov" the Russian bad guy on that show?

        Interesting title sequence- wonder if they generated the edge-detect effect electronically?- but what I had in mind was more something like:-

        Jason King.

        There's probably a bit of late 90s "overlay" graphical styling in there as well, though.

  3. nilfs2

    Citrix is a great seller for 3rd party stuff

    As a Citrix partner, I see all Citrix deals turn into a hardware and Microsoft licensing deal, Citrix representing just a fraction of the project.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    RemoteApp s acceptable in small environments where you have enough bandwidth, but is still horrible to manage in larger environments. Also, RDP can't touch ICA/HDX as a remoting protocol on difficult links. Some of the stuff Citrix have done with ICA recently such as the purchase and integration of Framehawk have taken it to another level.

    Moving from IMA based Xenapp 6.5 to FMA based 7.x was painful, but it has finally caught up with almost all the features that were missing and is powering ahead with some of the new stuff they are adding. There were a couple of years where we were seriously looking at alternatives, but Xenapp 7.12 is a great product. Improvements to image management with MCS, protocol enhancements, integrating Norskale VUEM and the soon to be added Unidesk, support for seamless publishing of Linux applications, and a lot more.

    Integrate it with Netscaler and it is untouchable.

    With the new fast release cadence, I find I am looking forward to the new release each 3 months to see what new stuff they have packed in.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I have quit touching Citrix since 2015, boy am I grateful it is no longer the product I support/run/design.

    Lists of bugs and problems are endless, you are always the first point of blame, yes BLAME, from everyone including networking team, server teams, middleware team, etc and more and more applications are moving to HTML and only crappy legacy apps like that needs ACTIVE-X! runs on the Citrix servers.

    You dont need to worry, problem with app? yes call Citrix Team cause Citrix suck but in fact, the app is just plain suck but no one can get off it or admit it. I've seen shit Java applet, Activex, VB6 app, that had to be deployed via XD?XA, guess what if it doesnt run well on the client, it doesnt either on the server, but no one gives a shit and deploy it on XA/XD.

    The biggest problem that I had to get out is, less and less enterprise are remaining on the Xenapp/Xendesktop. Leading to less jobs, less pay, and uncertain future. And my friend who worked for Citrix over 15 yrs got fired last year too. Move on people future is mobile and HTML. (and running nginix/apache, lol)

  6. fredesmite

    Citrix was always the poor man's version of ESX

    good riddance

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