back to article More mobe malware creeps into Google Play – this time, ransomware

Researchers say a piece of ransomware disguised as a battery app made its way into the Play store. Check Point says one of its customers contracted the malware app, dubbed "Charger," after installing what they thought was a battery monitoring tool called EnergyRescue. Researchers with Check Point Mobile Threat Prevention say …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What kind of checks can Google have in the Play store, considering that apps appear minutes after uploading them?

    Or what kind of checks can Apple have for that matter, considering they don't get the source and don't even run the apps? (I've never had things phone home during the "review", even when all functionality is behind a login screen or the sole purpose of the app is to send something to the mothership)

  2. Brian Miller

    Different checks for different apps?

    The apps that I've gotten through the review process have been communications, and both Google and Apple have taken an interest in them. Apple rejected one based on the lack of a "beep" when the call was recorded, and another time they wanted a video showing the app being used. Google has always taken quite some time, many hours, for the app to work its way through their process. I've never seen a Google app be approved in minutes.

    From all of the malware that's been springing up from the very first on the Google play store, I would have expected that some rather heavy analysis would have been instituted to put in some red flag checks. Apps that ask for administrator privileges should be marked with a big red flag. I'd really love to see a comparison of Google Bouncer to the "virus" scanners from the major AV players.

    1. Charles 9 Silver badge

      Re: Different checks for different apps?

      But what happens when it's an app that legitimately needs admin privileges, like say Greenify in non-root mode (can't root because it breaks apps)?

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    As per usual google does nothing....

    ....Because they're all lawyered up!...

    Whether its this or info slurping, Google is the wild wild west of 'surveillance capitalism'.

  4. lglethal Silver badge


    ".. checks for location (it does not attack phones in the Ukraine, Belarus, or Russia)"

    Hmmm thats not at all suspicious. I could certainly never conclude from that Information where the miscreants behind it come from, no, no, no...

  5. nhtrgjhbz0

    Play Store is very, ]extremely vulnerable], it seems. I don't shop there often, but now there's even less motivation to do so, since, you know, I am very bad at dealing with hazards and damages to my devices.

    I just hope that this recent wave of infections will force companies to protect their business and create new means of protection. Otherwise, it'll be much more chaotic and complex. It's going to be PC market all over again.

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