back to article Revenue is vanity and profit is sanity. Right, Seagate?

In its second fiscal 2017 quarter, Seagate's profits rose even as it shipped fewer disk drives, through manufacturing cost reductions and increased component counts in high-capacity drives. Second quarter revenues were $2.9bn, 2.9 per cent lower than the $2.98bn reported a year ago, and 3.5 per cent more than the prior quarter …

  1. druck Silver badge

    16TB is a horrific amount of data to lose, when just enough Helium has leaked out to cause the heads to be aerodynamically unstable and crash in to all those tightly packed platters. But then again, a similar sized SSD running out of write life will also ruin your day. So if there's one thing about these large drives that is for certain, you'll need to use more of them for backups.

    1. PleebSmasher
      Dead Vulture

      1 GB is a horrific amount of data to lose!

      If you have a problem with data loss, get multiple drives. Also, helium drives have had 5+ year warranties so clearly leaking is not a real problem.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    85 - 90% Share???


    Rakers reckons Western Digital has an 85 per cent to 90 per cent share of the 10TB helium-filled drive market, a technology Seagate was late in adopting, but could enter this quarter.

    Yes, Seagate was late in releasing Helium products to the public, but since the middle of last year has had 10TB Helium drives covering multiple segments (Enterprise, NAS, Surveillance) compared to the one version (Enterprise) of 10TB offered by WD, so not sure on the 85-90 per cent share?

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