back to article HP Inc recalls 101,000 laptop batteries before they halt and catch fire

HP Inc is warning that over 101,000 laptop batteries sold in the US, Canada, and Mexico are at risk of catching fire, and it would like them back please. The new recall is an extension of an earlier announcement in June, which covered more than 40,000 batteries. The US Consumer Product Safety Division advisory states that the …

  1. Richard 12 Silver badge

    At least they can swap the battery

    As battery capacities rise, devices get thinner (for no reason) and manufacturing costs are squeezed, we're going to see far more recalls like this.

    The next time this happens to something with an irreplaceable battery, will the company survive?

    1. Dave 126 Silver badge

      Re: At least they can swap the battery

      >devices get thinner (for no reason)

      We would expect to see more Li-ion battery fires because there are more devices with li-ion batteries. We have seen fires and mass recalls in the past due to manufacturing costs being squeezed. We have also seen fires because the ODMs didn't know how to charge them properly.

      The thinness of a device is only tangential to this issue - squeezing a battery into too small a space is not good for it, whether it is 4mm thick or 20mm. For what it is worth, if I had a flaming battery in a device of mine, I would rather it be a small flaming battery.

      Devices get thinner because we carry them around or have to hold them. Ergonomic considerations, though having to be balanced with other considerations, are not "no reason".

      >The next time this happens to something with an irreplaceable battery, will the company survive?

      You've evidently not seen Samsung's recent financial reports this last week, have you? They're doing just fine.

      1. Richard 12 Silver badge

        Re: At least they can swap the battery

        Most large companies should survive the full recall and cancellation of any one product.

        Make it two or three products, and even the largest company will be in serious trouble. The division that screwed up will post a massive loss and the shareholders will be screaming.

        That one recall cost Samsung something like 3% of their total group revenue. The reputation hit is unknown, but it's not zero.

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  3. Chris Gray 1

    site busy

    So far, my attempts to connect to HP's indicated website have failed, after waiting several minutes. Of course, this story was reported on the tech site (in)famous for causing referenced sites to get overloaded...

    I don't use my laptop enough, and rarely on battery power, to really worry about it, but I wouldn't turn down a free new battery!

    1. Duffaboy

      Re: site busy

      HP's website has been for years a joke, try and search for something and you will get 1000's of hits back all totally irrelevant, or the site times out. They should of taken Compaq's website model when they bought them now that site was though basic you could find stuff.

  4. Chris Gray 1

    update: site OK

    Update: the website is now functional, and it says my specific battery is fine. Awwww....

  5. ecofeco Silver badge

    Is that a battery in your lap...

    ...or are you just happy to see me?

    No baterry in my coat. :) I'm "off".

  6. Anonymous South African Coward Silver badge

    The fun never stops.

  7. Tom 7 Silver badge

    Get a Pi-top

    Not a lot of oomph - but 10 ish hours battery life is an eye-opener. And its light enough to pack for a few days out on the moors too.

    1. Locky

      Re: Get a Pi-top

      Stay on the path, and be in by dark...

  8. myhandler

    A hundred and one cleans a big, big carpet for less than half a crown.

    Multiply by a thousand and it's all of 125 quid in 1960s carpet cleaner jingles.

  9. FozzyBear

    Missed marketing opportunity

    HP Laptops

    "Keep your employees chained to the desk with our new range of laptops with integrated cook tops. Your employees can now work and cook their morning breakfast or keep their lunch warm Even less excuses from being away from their desks.

    * Fire extinguishers sold separately

    I'm sure tops execs would view this as a great idea.

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