back to article Is Kubernetes a little too terrifying? Platform9 has a safe space for you

Those daunted by the complexity of using Kubernetes to manage containerized applications can now outsource the work to Platform9. The Sunnyvale, California-based company, known for its OpenStack-as-a-service offering, has launched Managed Kubernetes, an infrastructure-agnostic alternative to the Kubernetes service Google …

  1. Lusty

    the best cloud use-case done badly on premises!

    All these projects trying to put cloud computing on-premises when both major clouds are so much easier, cheaper, feature rich and mature. I've only come accross one customer who genuinely couldn't use public cloud, and the issue there is connectivity rather than compliance due to financial services industry legacy stuff. I like tinkering as much as the next geek, but realistically these projects are dead in the water, it's time to learn the tools which actually do represent the future of application hosting and deployment.

    Yes, I'm sure this post makes a lot of the resident dev nerds angry; downvote away...

    1. HmmmYes

      Re: the best cloud use-case done badly on premises!

      Cart before the horse.

      Its the application that counts, not wether its running on some spoofed harware platform.

      Me? As long as I can get a webserver, postgreql and python up + running, I can shift my applications to cloud, boxen, whatevery.

      1. Lusty

        Re: the best cloud use-case done badly on premises!

        Kind of the point. Spending weeks or months validating a platform that's not quite as good as the public cloud version is just distracting from actually developing services that sit on that platform.

  2. Valerion

    Not heard of it

    Is it this week's new Cool Thing?

    Anyone know what next week's is?

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