back to article Big Blue's blues diffuse: IBM's sales drain now more like a sad trickle

IBM is touting growth in its cloud and cognitive business units as the enterprise giant wraps up a year of double-digit revenue declines. Big Blue said that for its fourth quarter of 2016, ended December 31, revenues were nearly flat over the same period last year and net income was up slightly. Revenues of $21.8bn were down …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "We believe that IBM is being challenged by three distinct structural forces affecting the business,"

    The CEO

    The CEO's plans

    The CEO's actions.

    They're moving the numbers from anything profitable into the "strategic" number and everything else into legacy.

    1. GruntyMcPugh Silver badge

      Moving targets as always. During my time at IBM I saw three CEOs, Gerstner, Palmisano, and Rometty.

      They are always thanked for their contributions, and moved on, no admission of their lack of foresight is ever made, thus the behemoth lurches from precipice to precipice, rather than picking a route with a continuous gradient.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      What about...

      Maybe rebranding everything following the latest fads and then moving the profitable parts of the business into the new group to show how IBM's moving to the latest technologies?

      Looks like GBS is still not making enough money so it's almost time for the Feb/March headcount reduction. After the December head count reduction....

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