back to article Zuck off: Facebook's big kahuna sues Hawaiians to kick 'em off their land

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg is suing dozens of families in Hawaii to force them to give up land they've owned for generations. The Honolulu Star Advertiser reports that the Zuck's secluded sanctuary on the garden island of Kauai is at the heart of court proceedings between islanders and the billionaire exec who, by the way, …

  1. A Non e-mouse Silver badge

    I hope there are lots of shill bids to help screw the Zuck for as much money as possible.

    1. joed

      FB goers (not myself) should "like" the news. Put it up in everyone's feed, let the true Zuck be known. A hypocrite F...head that blocks his own webcam while opting everyone into sharing.

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  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Replace the first letter of his surname

    with an "F" and that's what he is doing to Hawaii.

    sorry to be blunt but I like Hawaii especially Big Island. The locals don't need people like him living there.

    Not on Facebook and never will be.

  4. Your alien overlord - fear me

    This is exactly the kind of attitude the rich need to make the rest of the population like them. Sorry can't find a 'Like' icon, especially not him !!!

  5. Magani


    ...that the person who wants to share everyone else's details, wants total privacy for himself, and will use whatever $$$ clout he can to purchase it.

    I love Kauai and its very laid-back atmosphere. I hope the Hawaiians give him the middle finger.

    1. Victor Ludorum

      Re: Ironic...

      But Americans don't understand irony!

      1. benderama

        Re: Ironic...

        of course they do - it's like bronzey and goldy

    2. Potemkine

      Re: Ironic...

      Irony? Nah.... Hypocrisy.

    3. roselan

      Re: Ironic...

      Obviously. Then again he is an expert on subject.

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  7. jake Silver badge

    Zuck really is a rat-bastard, isn't he?

    Ah, well. Hubris will bite the little punk in the ass eventually ...

    1. Chris G Silver badge

      Re: Zuck really is a rat-bastard, isn't he?

      The way he operates fartbook makes that clear. Everyone elses lack of privacy is what made him a billionaire, he has made his money off the backs of people too stupid to know the price of his 'service' or people who don't understand the value of their privacy.

      Fuck him!

      1. Potemkine

        Re: Zuck really is a rat-bastard, isn't he?

        , he has made his money off the backs of people too stupid to know

        Fuck people!

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Zuck really is a rat-bastard, isn't he?

        I wonder how many people would sign up to facebook if they had to provide proof of identity (photos of birth certificate, driving license or other official documentation - or multiple documents that show the name and either date of birth or photo of the applicant between them) before they were allowed an account?

        I wonder how many realise Facebook can lock their account and demand said proof (which has to match to the account) before unlocking it, without explination or warning? And no, you can't access the account at all until you provide said proof, and failure to do so means they keep all that data for themselves. Oh, and as an added sting: Even providing the proof can leave you locked out for weeks while they decide if they want to accept the proof as they don't promise to reinstate the account on receipt, or to accept the proof provided.

        I also wonder how many people read the terms and conditions when they sign up, and how many think to check said terms and conditions periodically to see if there have been some sneaky changes...

        ... or check to see what horror stories there are about the 'service' they offer.

        I do feel sorry for those Native Americans who were forced to change their names because Farcebook refused to accept their authentic native names as... authentic native names.

        And now Zucky wants to kick more natives in the privates for his own amusement. What a surprise.

        1. Prst. V.Jeltz Silver badge

          Re: Zuck really is a rat-bastard, isn't he?

          re the lecture about Facebook being able to seize lock own piss all over your account, and other bleatings about privacy...

          Lets just say I know nothing of the value of information... so , er , whats the problem?

          People go on facebook , put pictures of their dinner on there, so zuck knows what flavour ice cream they like , possibly he can sell that info to Ben & jerry.

          So what?

      3. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Zuck really is a rat-bastard, isn't he?

        Fuck him

        Can you guarantee that Sociopathy is not a STD? What if it is contagious? The last thing we need is more zucks.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I don't think "Philanthropy starts at home" is how it's supposed to work.

    How or why would an elected government representing the people pass a law that would allow such a thing to happen? It's a rhetorical question as we all know why.

  9. chivo243 Silver badge

    Never liked him

    Don't get me started on this one. What a spoiled brat jerk wad (thanks Bender!) I hope farcebook dies a quick and painful death. I've already heard that FB is falling out of favor with the kids, Snapchat and Instagram are now the hip places to be if you're young.

    More proof the gap between the haves and the have nots is growing by leaps and bounds. I feel sorry for my son...

    1. John70

      Re: Never liked him

      That's because they have to be "friends" with their parents.

    2. Tom_

      Re: Never liked him

      Facebook must be gutted by people leaving for Instagram.

      1. 's water music Silver badge

        Re: Never liked him

        Facebook must be gutted by people leaving for Instagram.

        but why tho?

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: Never liked him

          I think you missed the sarcasm in the post...

    3. thomn8r

      Re: Never liked him

      jerk wad

      Being a jerkwad myself, I take offense at being compared to Zuckerberg.

  10. Dr Scrum Master

    The Zuckerberg Effect

    Zuck paid a car ownership dealer $56m to acquire half of the estate in 2014 – that space is now worth $18m, according to county valuators.

    So, Zuckerberg buys some land and it then goes down in value. Why hasn't the Daily Mail reported Facebook's effect on house prices? (Maybe it has, but as I don't read it I wouldn't know.)

    1. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

      Re: The Zuckerberg Effect

      Why hasn't the Daily Mail reported Facebook's effect on house prices? (Maybe it has, but as I don't read it I wouldn't know.)

      I expect the reason is that Zuck has apparently decided the 'Little England' is not a good place to live AND get the privacy that he denies to the rest of the world. That's why that Daily Flail has not gone 'gib' in the story.

    2. User McUser

      Re: The Zuckerberg Effect

      So, Zuckerberg buys some land and it then goes down in value.

      Sorry, but no - the assessed value is what the government has decided a piece of property is worth for tax and/or regulatory purposes. The price paid when someone purchases the property is completely unrelated.

      1. Prst. V.Jeltz Silver badge

        Re: The Zuckerberg Effect

        Congrats on the only post not joining the mob and calling Zuck a wanker, or synonyms thereof.

  11. 's water music Silver badge

    I dislike facebook

    but I do like posting comments on clickbait articles ironically. Especially when I get to say that I hate facebook. and don't use it.


    1. Prst. V.Jeltz Silver badge
      Thumb Up

      Re: I dislike facebook

      Spot on Water music, Also with the tone of this article we also get to personally attack Zuck and call him a few names. #bandwagon

  12. Old one

    Paid $30 million for a parcel and now only pays real estate taxes on an assessment of $18 million. Nice savings but just wondering who's pocket got lined in that deal? He gets to steal from the rest of the taxpayers who have to foot the bill he didn't pay.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      That's actually pretty common in the US. Assessments can diverge pretty widely from purchase price, because assessments are calculated over multiple purchases of like properties over a period of time, not parcel by parcel. Otherwise newer purchasers subsidize older ones, even though they should have roughly the same impact on what the property taxes go to (i.e. roads, sewers, schools, fire/police, etc.)

      There are also some areas where the amount of increase in the assessed value in a year is limited by law, so a purchase price way above the assessed value won't be reflected for many years.

      1. Oengus Silver badge

        That's actually pretty common in the US.

        Not only in the US. I have a house and block of land that I know I can sell for $1.3 million. The "rateable" value (government land valuation) is $300k (Believe me the house itself isn't worth the difference). In Oz the official valuation has nothing to do with sale prices.

    2. HausWolf

      The short fingered vulgarian has made a career out of doing that with some of his latest properties, including trying to do that in your fair lands.

  13. Neill Mitchell

    Sorry, a little lost now...

    Is he the one playing with the car, boot, dog, thimble or little top hat?

    1. VinceH

      Re: Sorry, a little lost now...

      I think it must be the dog - and that he's trained it to shit on other people.

  14. mt_head

    Spoonerism, surely?

    >>> car ownership dealer

    I have no idea what that would mean... unless it means "car dealership owner"?

    1. DropBear

      Re: Spoonerism, surely?

      Well, one could say that car dealerships deal in car ownerships, although the owner is probably not the dealer, unless we're talking about a _very_ small ownership dealership...

  15. 2+2=5 Silver badge

    Wouldn't it be awful if...

    Wouldn't it be awful if, just days after forcing the last person off their land, there was an eruption that buried his estate a few metres deep in ash?

    1. James 51

      Re: Wouldn't it be awful if...

      Yes because it wouldn't just fall on this morally shrivelled up husk of a parasite and his wealth would insulate him from the worst effects. He could after all, just bugger off to another island and be an imperialist aggressor there.

    2. thomn8r

      Re: Wouldn't it be awful if...

      Hawaiian volcanoes don't mess around just leave some ash on your lawn - they take over the whole thing by force

  16. wolfetone

    What a prick.

    1. Prst. V.Jeltz Silver badge

      you get 9 upvotes for that?

      here , let me try .

      ... wanker!!

      no wait , i changed my mind... cocknocker!

      1. wolfetone

        I think if you called him a cockwomble you'd have gotten at least one upvote by now...

  17. Big_Ted
    Big Brother


    Years ago the USA steal the islands from their rightful owners (the natives) by force (The USA military) and take most of the land etc for themselves forcing the natives to recognize them as the new government. Now along comes another American doing the same sort of thing (A land grab).

    And people wonder why so many of the native population are pushing for the USA to hand back their country to them.

    Makes me want to start a FB campaign against him . . . . If only I used it . . . . .

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Privacy people...

    Respect Zuk's... He's busy connecting the world, so stop interrupting him plebs.... Besides, post Trump we'll need someone whose even more narcissistic to fix Trump Inc's mistakes ....

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Things look bad for Zuk... But his personal PR team will fix it...

  20. adam payne Silver badge

    "In an effort to get control over the entire estate and secure it from outside access, Zuckerberg has filed suit against the dozen families to force them to sell their parcels at auction, where he can purchase exclusive rights to the land."

    Sounds like an old fashioned land grab to me.

    With the amount of money he has he could build himself an artificial island and put it anywhere he wants. Why not do that instead of grabbing land.

    1. Mark 85 Silver badge

      With the amount of money he has he could build himself an artificial island and put it anywhere he wants. Why not do that instead of grabbing land.

      Possibly because the Chinese might become involved...

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Why not do that instead of grabbing land.

      But then poor Zuck would have to pay for his own security rather than leeching off the nation state's taxpayers - kinda the same issue that sunk the "Freedom Ship":

      Put a bunch of rich arseholes all alone on some remote location in international waters and every pirate, terrorist, concerned citizen and wannabe sees a yuuge bullseye or cash piñata rather than that Randian Paradise the rich people wanted the world to see.

      One needs at least Goalkeeper installations costing millions for anti-missile protection and Raphael Systems Mini-Typhoons for keeping the pirates away. Then, some submarine defence is needed too. One need goons in fetching uniforms to operate the defences, plain-clothes goons to monitor the goons: It all adds up!

      The other reason is the pleasure of command - Zuck getting a small boner over putting the boot into some little folk. Show them their place and stuff. Funny how they never expect one of those little folks procuring a scoped hunting rifle .... bound to happen eventually.

  21. calmeilles


    What's not mentioned is that because of inheritance laws dating back to the Kingdom of Hawaii a lot of Hawaii land has what is termed clouded title, which is to say uncertain who has a valid claim.

    The equally long established process of quiet title is designed to locate potential title holders and compensate them. Not mentioned in the Star Advertiser piece is that not only known claimants are involved but searches are required to locate as many potential claimants as possible.

    There is nothing scandalous here, thousands of such suits are filed annually. This one only makes a headline because of Zuckerberg's name.

    1. Prst. V.Jeltz Silver badge

      Re: Overblown

      yeah it certainly made an impression on these commentards.

      You'd think he'd gone round to these peoples house and shit in their cereal.

    2. beddo

      Re: Overblown

      I suspected this might be part of the legal process for identifying ownership. The statement from Zuckerberg on his Facebook page goes into more detail. It says that the majority landowners of these "land parcels" have already sold on the land so the sale is already complete and legal. This action is the legal process to locate the minority landowners and compensate them for the sale. (It is worded much more fluffy like he's trying to do something to benefit them)

      Kind of like if you owned 1% of your sister's house. She'd have full rights to sell that house but would have to compensate you for 1% of the sale value. If the deeds just said "my brother owns 1%" then someone would have to follow a legal process to identify the brother. If that 1% had passed to children through inheritance etc then the same.

      He apparently said that if anyone contests they will not pursue but that waits to be seen...

  22. Stevie Silver badge


    Why didn't he just pull a Scaramanga and buy his own tropical island?

    1. a pressbutton Silver badge

      Re: The future...

      ... he is in the process of doing exactly that - but Kauai is quite bit so it will take a while.

    2. fajensen Silver badge

      Re: Bah!

      Without proper security, some smooth-talking yahoo will just walk right in, screw the wife, steal your stuff, and blow up the place.

      Scaramanga relied on cheap automated defences - 1 laser - run by a treacherous dwarf. That did not work. For "your own island" to work, one will need a "Dr No" setup: Automated defences, lots of armed goons and a piranha pit.

      Even then Dr No needed "cloaking". Once his secret lair was exposed, he was ganked.

  23. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    How does a billionaire buy property without finding out who owns it and insuring that the process of purchase and ownership is complete? Lawyer failed at the job? No personal assistant to handle details? Just asleep at the wheel?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: What??

      It sounds like it is basically impossible to purchase any decent sized tracts of land in Hawaii with clear title, because of how Hawaiian inheritance law works. The way titles are cleared is the process he's using, which because it is expensive is something few landowners actually do. Most of the owners don't even know they own a share - if you got a letter in the mail saying you own 1/195th of a two acre plot in Hawaii via your great great grandmother and some guy wanted to buy that plot for $1 million, you'd probably be happy to receive a $5000 check for something you never even knew you had. It isn't like you could share it with dozens of relatives, some of whom you've never even met.

      What is really shitty here is that the linked article says that Zuckerberg is going to try to recover his legal fees. WTF? He doesn't have enough money that he is going to deduct HIS legal fees for his undoubtedly overpriced lawyers from the sale proceeds?

      1. AceRimmer1980

        Re: Say What Again??

        Does that make him the Big Kahuna Burgermeister?

  24. Nathan 13


    Hope he gets a virulent form of cancer, he might then realise what an asshole he is when he has weeks to live.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Evil

      I'm sorry, but nobody deserves cancer. NOBODY.

  25. Fruit and Nutcase Silver badge

    Gullah Geechee

    In another part of the USA...

    But America's seemingly insatiable appetite for coastal living and the money that can be made from buying up cheap former plantation land is a potential threat.

    "Gullah Geechee: Descendants of slaves fight for their land"

  26. jelabarre59 Silver badge

    Not the only place he Zucks-over

    Our dear friend Zucker-borg is *also* trying to screw over the good folks in Ulster County NY. He and his cronies (and some well-bribed County politicians) want to destroy and tear up a perfectly-functional tourist railroad, which brings in much-needed tourist dollars to the area, and wants to replace it with a taxpayer-paid "rail-trail" which will bring in NO money to the area, and would likely be used only by Zuck and a small handful of his Zucked-up chums. And you *know* those fools won't be spending a dime locally.

  27. Fruit and Nutcase Silver badge

    Case dropped

    "Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg drops case to acquire Hawaiian land"

    He said he had not taken the time to fully understand the process. "It's clear we made a mistake," he said.

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