back to article Sage signs X3 trio to cloud 'big business' ERP combo

Salesforce partner Sage Group has signed a trio of firms to its emerging X3 business ERP platform. CLOUT, Atlas Cloud, and BrightBridge are being held up as examples of Sage's ability to handle larger customers' needs with X3. David Watts, Sage's vice president for enterprise in UK and Ireland, said in a statement: "Over the …

  1. Captain Scarlet Silver badge
    Paris Hilton

    ERP last year?

    Not sure how they changed to focus on ERP systems last year, since they brought Tetra CS/3 and many other software packages I would have said they were focused on ERP software (Even with their small projects such as Sagepay)

  2. rathorehitendra

    Cloud is the future of ERP

    All the organization has started to move there on-premises ERP software to the cloud. SAGE also launched its cloud version as sage 300 and now they also host industry data on the cloud, why would someone prefer on premises while they can access the system from any devices.

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