back to article Do containers stack up as data storage building blocks?

There’s an almost religious divide between those who see containers as entirely stateless objects and others taking a more pragmatic approach that says state and containers is an inevitable thing. In the stateless model, data is assumed to be replicated and protected by many container instances, so the loss of any individual …

  1. Captain Dan

    GlusterFS is already containerized

    Gluster exists as a containerized implementation on top of Kubernetes, including management support from Kubernetes Storage API. The idea is to re-use the same infrastructure orchestration layer as the actual application uses - so eventually storage is deployed as another function next to the application stack. Thus no separate scheduling / high availability / orchestration mechanism needs to be implemented for storage and accessing data this way is potentially very fast - as it does not have to cross several layers of hypervisors and hyper-convergence.

    I believe this will be the most elegant form of containerized storage.

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