back to article Qualcomm/NXP, Nvidia and Intel: The race to define the car platform

So the stakes are high, and many companies are already playing hard. There were important announcements from two of the most established chip suppliers in the auto sector, NXP and Nvidia – the former particularly closely watched because it will soon be part of Qualcomm. Its launches reminded the industry how strategic an …

  1. tiggity Silver badge

    Scrapyard hunting

    .. might have to become a hobby to keep a "low tech" car on the road, I don't need / or want all this extra junk that just makes things more needlessly complex and expensive - even "basic model" cars seem to be full of pointless electronic frippery these days - fine for those that want them but I would quite like a cheap & cheerful no bells and whistles car rather than paying for shiny.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Then buy a Dacia...


  2. Mage

    5G and Cars

    No mobile tech at all should be "integrated" to cars. RF transponders for anti-collision don't need mobile. GPS or better Galileo for navigation don't need mobile. Mobile integrated to car is a security/safety disaster and only facilitates personal data theft by corporations. Apps can use BT or WiFi (thought other than diagnostics are security fail).

    Local traffic data can use even FM (and/or) DAB more efficiently than Mobile with better coverage, though they can't even do the security properly on that.

  3. tr1ck5t3r

    The spooks will love the rise in popularity of these SDR chips because it will make it harder for people to listen into the frequencies your data is transmitted on, commonly known as caps whine.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Just want a good android auto double din

    The Sony one looks good, but no DAB and £400 price tag. However after seeing his good Android Auto works, it's clearly the way to go.

    Pioneer are on my crap list, after the way they failed abysmaly to support their products, I would never touch them ever again.

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