back to article Hot Desk? Sec-tech firm LANDESK to be forged together with HEAT

Clearlake Capital Group has acquired IT systems and security management company LANDESK from Thoma Bravo. Financial terms of the deal, announced on Tuesday, were not disclosed. Clearlake will be combining LANDESK with its existing portfolio company, HEAT Software. The merged firm will be led by LANDESK chief Steve Daly and …

  1. unredeemed

    How many times in the last 10yrs or so has this company been bought, spun out, acquired, etc? Talk about the red headed step child.

    LANDesk has their own service desk product, and now there is HEAT. One is obviously a better product, the other will be tossed by the wayside over time. That's a lot of migration and PS time to make that happen.

    The core LANDesk features are pretty good at least when compared to something like Altiris. Dell really killed them when they acquired Kace, and stopped selling Landesk. With no strong OEM's to deal with, they really haven't grown to their full potential.

    My only gripe was if you want to be a good LANDesk employee, or be favored, or a quota concession in rare cases, you had to be Mormon (They are based in Utah afterall) or at least ex-Novell (they joked and called it the "red sweater club."). Otherwise you're stuck in the role you're in. I found out the hard way how things were done there, and I wasn't part of their "red-sweater." As such got punished salary wise when a new sales rep was brought on board.

    Oh well, great product, questionable sales management. Maybe they can partner with Dell again, now that they spun out Kace back to Quest Software.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      That reminds me of my only trip to Utah, back in the 1980s, to install some custom serial lines in a warehouse. They sent me with an idiot, and while we were working he turns to one of the other non-technical contractors and proceeds to ask him why he's not allowed to drink Cokes, and the guys turns to him and says; I can drink Coke, I'm not a Mormon. I had a laugh that day! Some people just open up the mouth before doing any other prep-work with the brain!

  2. Mark Dowling

    Another change of ownership for Patchlink/Lumension/HEAT. Will be interesting times watching this unfold...

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Blue sky thinking..

    "The combination will provide additional geographic reach and vertical depth,"

    What a tremendous amount of drivel.

  4. Anonymous Coward

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