back to article El Reg just saved your Wikipedia Xmas

If you’ve noticed that Wikipedia has been much less annoying this Christmas – you can thank El Reg. Jimmy Wales had promised that the alarmist banner ads that adorned each page during the Wikimedia Foundation’s ‘December Sprint’ fundraiser would no longer be needed once the target of $25m had been met. The Sprint achieved that …

  1. Haku

    The hard-working volunteers do it because they want to be right.

    And if someone comes along trying to prove me wrong then they'll only prove I'm right.



    1. allthecoolshortnamesweretaken

      Re: The hard-working volunteers do it because they want to be right.


      Anyway, have a good 2017, fellow commentards. Bottoms up!

      1. Haku

        Re: The hard-working volunteers do it because they want to be right.

        Right on! :)

        I was thinking of that exact xkcd cartoon when I typed.

        Cheers to the new year! I'd join you in a pint but my saviour elixir is currently lemsip.

        1. edge_e

          Re: The hard-working volunteers do it because they want to be right.

          My first xkcd thought regarding wikipedia is this

  2. Christoph

    Having interacted with one of Wikipedia's editors, I can report that there is another expense involved. When they appoint a new editor, they supply an official broomstick for them to shove up their arse.

  3. Michael Thibault

    Save your own X

    > staff at the WMF - the fundraising alone employs 17 people

    Sinecure much?

  4. jonnycando


    I will read Wikipedia, and occasionally do a minor edit. But never again will they see a dime of my money!

    1. Czrly

      Re: Arrgh


      I used to be fairly active on the site in the 2000's, writing content for Wikipedia and actually bothering to track down citations and references and link them diligently. That was when Wikipedia was Free. I'll never submit another sentence to the muppets, now. Their begging campaigns are far too obnoxious, far too greedy and completely unwarranted and I don't even get the option to permanently dismiss them in way of thanks for the content that I wrote - content that they're making their salaries from! Additionally, there is NO reason whatsoever that a begging-box needs to take a third of my vertical screen size and return daily or whenever I don't have the right cookie. That's taking the piss.

    2. eldakka Silver badge

      Re: Arrgh


      They are greedy, misleading fucktards.

      If they want to raise money for non-wikipedia-related issues, they should not advertise on wikipedia with their intrusive banner ads' for it.

  5. Nunyabiznes


    Why would they need a political lobbying function?

    I could see a litigation endowment to help their volunteers/editors/staff who get in trouble for publishing facts that someone doesn't like.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Politics - Why would they need a political lobbying function?

      Any explanation of wider issues like free access to information to a politician works so much better when it is written on currency.

  6. Florida1920

    uBlock Origin

    Wikipedia had banner ads?

  7. Friendly Neighbourhood Coder Dan

    If my "FREE" website contained nothing which is illegal or considered immoral by the vast majority of human population, I would personally ask for phone number of every person who complains about what I decide to publish in it. So I could personally reverse charge ( does that still exist? ) call them to inform them that they have my approval to incessantly fuck themselves until the 31st of December 2117.

    You donated me money so that Wikipedia can continue to provide content and I spend that to fund a religious group / leader instead? I deceived you, I deserve it.

    I reached my donation target but then I decide to keep a banner asking visitors if they would consider donating a bit more - but no worries if you don't, you can still use all the content of the website without limitations? Don't forget to include your international dialling code.

    Have ( some ) people really got to the point of expecting to dictate what free stuff must look like? Or am I missing something?

    1. NotBob

      The issue is that we were told the annoying crap would go away if they hit a fundraising goal. The goal was exceeded, but the irritating crap stayed on.

      Not sure how well the phone works when it's up your arse with your head and all...

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      You're missing something, I think. Wikipedia explicitly promised to stop campaigning when they it the target then didn't. It's not about money as much as it's about integrity.

    3. 9Rune5 Silver badge

      I think the point here is that when you put out your little beggar's cup and ask people to hand over their hard earned cash, then other content providers (be it news websites or some drunk blogger) are free to pose the question "just what exactly are you going to spend all that cash on?".

      There is nothing wrong with asking for donations to fuel your booze and hookers addiction, but there is something wrong when you are hiding away massive expenses that donors might not be so enthusiastic about. If your donors are not informed, then it is fraud, pure and simple.

    4. RonWheeler

      Partly agree, but

      To be honest I still consider them better than the Reg at all attempting to smear banner ads all over my browser and creating paid advertorial stories.

      BUT, concern is the slippery slope effect. Like charities who start of with enthusiastic amateurism but end up with high paid marketing bods looking for customers to sign up to monthly direct debits.

      1. Friendly Neighbourhood Coder Dan


        Your comment made me read the article again and then I noticed that there is a brief mention of lobbying, so thanks for that ;-)

        It seems to me the focus is more on the promise being broken than a non properly disclosed use of the funds, but not an excuse to completely miss it as I did

  8. ricegf


    This was the last year of my annual Wikimedia Foundation donation. Having given my usual Christmas Bitcoins of appreciation, I was inundated with emails pleading for more. When I replied that I already gave as usual, I was told that their email deluge was my own fault for using a different email address than my only one for this year's gift. Right. If I want harassment, I'll find it elsewhere, thanks. Now to go review some new projects to support financially in 2017...

  9. anonymous boring coward Silver badge

    I gave them money once, and they seem to have squandered it.

    Then they used my email address to spam me for years!


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