back to article Capita is STILL the BIGGEST tech services supplier to

Despite all the mini fires burning at beleaguered Capita, the much maligned outsourcing giant remained the UK's biggest public sector tech services supplier in 2016 as revenues swelled to £1.9bn. An annual report by analyst TechMarketView found the firm that everyone loves to hate increased top line sales 5 per cent year-on- …

  1. HmmmYes

    Makes me sad.

    US have Microsoft, Apple, Google.

    UK has Capita.

    One country has tech companies that make lots of money.

    The other a 'tech' company that employs a load of moronic management and retards. And loses a lot of money.

    1. Erik4872

      Not so fast...

      The US also has CSC/HPE, IBM, Unisys, Accenture, and a whole raft of other "IT Services" companies. We've got way more morons than you. :-)

      As far as public sector goes, we also have the defense contractors' IT groups which I'm sure could give Capita a run for their money in the cost to talent ratio.

      1. GruntyMcPugh Silver badge

        Re: Not so fast...

        Hey, you haven't got all those morons,.. I was an IB Moron, and I'm in the UK : -) I got better after they gave me a bunch of money to go away though.

  2. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    top 20 suppliers have "worked hard on improving.. on changing perceptions at the Cabinet Office"

    I think the CO's perception of them was quite accurate.

    So another of phrasing that would be "lying" to the Cabinet Office?

    This will persist while HMG insists on running years long "procurement" projects that only successful previous bidders have the pockets deep enough to sit out until they can take them for every penny release the stored value in the contract they have been awarded.

    It will persist while they value contacts as "£10Bn" when it's really £1bn a year that a company has to be able to support and refuse to sub divide huge chunks because it would meaning having to specify actual detailed interfaces between the chunks, which would mean asking the Minister what they actually want, in detail.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The hidden value

    ... is in the variations to the contract

    The difference between the civil service and capita is that when a minister asks for change:

    Civil Service:- Yes but.., have you thought about... is there evidence for... Do you think it is wise... Should we not do a pilot... It will take £x mill and y months

    Capita:- Yes It will take £x*1.2 mill and y months

    Neither organisation will be much more efficient or expensive than the other in the large.

    But Capita is a business and needs to make money - thus the 20%

    ... if you were the minister and _not_paying_the_bill_yourself_, who are you going to want to work with?

    And then there are variations as time goes by.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "worked hard on improving their growth prospects — working on changing perceptions at the Cabinet Office"

    i.e. recruited senior civil servants and ex-ministers

  5. Mike Pellatt

    Although a recent report by Barnet council into its controversial £322m 10-year outsourcing deal with Capita found the service was plagued by "performance issues" particularly within IT, it found the deal yielded "significant savings".

    Don't spend enough on delivering a service and you get a crap service. Who'd have thought it.

    1. tfewster

      But it's cheap! long as Barnet don't measure the cost of loss of productivity or shadow-support.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    but who else are they going to get services from?

    The whole IT outsourcing industry is crap, not just capita. The only way you will improve significantly is if you outsource to smaller specialist firms, which cost more.

    If you had a contract that Capita could offer for £1 million, and a smaller younger company could offer for £1.3 million, then you are going to go with Capita.

    It is the same reason you shop at Tesco or Asda instead of that cute little shop down the road that gives a great person experience. Your £50 shopping at Tesco will cost £70 at that little shop, you are going to go Tesco pretty much every time.

  7. Sir Barry


    How the f*ck are these people staying in business??

    The way they are going maybe the top bods should be running the UK....

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Crapita Morons

    When I worked for Capita, everyone brought in from there were absolute Morons. Didn't have a clue, didn't know how to do business or even understand customer service. They just eroded every small bit of business the 'partnership' they took over and alienated every single customer along the way!

    Awesome way to do business - good riddance to the bunch of f*ckwits.....

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