back to article WANdisco scores $1m self-driving car deal under back-from-the-dead CEO

Replication vendor WANDisco has won a million-dollar deal with a car manufacturer, vindicating CEO Dave Richard’s reinstatement. Earlier this year Richards was ousted as CEO in a coup orchestrated by ex-WANdisco chairman Paul Walker. Walker was then ousted himself seven days later, in a fightback by leading investors and Dave …

  1. J. R. Hartley

    Shitting crikey

  2. zebm

    A win for Sheffield

    1. Ian Michael Gumby

      @zebm No win...

      Its a million dollar contract and its not really much of anything.

      I can guess who's IBM's customer.

      I can also tell you that competitors who have been dealing with this problem already have other solutions in place for a couple of years now. (Albeit on prototype cars that I know of, but could also be part of the 2G/3G data service of the connected cars.)

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