back to article If nbn™ can't say when it will arrive in your street, you're getting a Telstra HFC connection

nbn™, the organisation building and operating Australia's National Broadband Network (NBN), has updated the online “check your address” service that offers information on when the network will reach your street. Some time between 5:00PM and 6:00PM today (Tuesday, December 20th) the service will be infused with new data that …

  1. Tac Eht Xilef


    So what does it mean when checking my address tells me "The rollout of the nbn™ network is planned in this area. Planned availability: May 2013".

    (Half my exchange area was cut over to NBN fttp in 2013; the rest - including where I am - had started remediation & upgrade work & was due to be cut over in early 2014. But then the country went and elected Tony Abbot...)

    1. The Blacksmith

      Re: Hmmm...

      Better than me, I'm listed as 2020, and that's after the nice Mr Turnbull promised that I would have 25Mb/s to replace the 128k (on a good day) I get at the moment by 2016. Such a nice man, why did he lie to me?

      1. hitmouse

        Re: Hmmm...

        That's re-branded as Turnbull's 2020 Hindsight plan.

        I'm pretty sure I signed up for NBN updates years ago but have never heard anything from them, so tried to sign up again. However after filling out all the fields, all I get is "We are not able to complete this action. Please try again later. Sorry for any inconvenience.".

        "Later" being 2021 presumably.

      2. MrDamage Silver badge

        Re: Hmmm...

        I'm in the same boat as you Blacksmith, with the added bonus of the telstra copper being too difficult for the techs to put back up on the poles, so they used to run it through fenceposts and bushes along the side of the road.

        Sent pics of their competence to the Ombudsman, so they've mounted the wires again, but half of it is so frayed i'd be better of stocking up on carrier pigeons and thumbsticks.

  2. sms123

    Hmm I'm listed for 2020 which should mean Telstra cable. One problem with that is the Telstra cable system ends about 200m from where I live. It was never rolled out where I live because the area was an infill development after the cable rollout finished. I can look forward to a NBN connection over the non-existent HFC infrastructure. I'll roll my eyes and watch the train wreck in progress.

    1. rohang

      Fucking NBN

      I live in East Malvern, right in the middle of an HFC area, but my street has NO overhead cables. I get Foxtel via a fucking satellite, so what the fuck does this mean?!?

  3. unsub000


    Nope that's not the case at all. There are still many areas that will not even get a cabled connection who still do not know when they are getting anything. HFC will only be utilized in areas it's already established in so it's not true at all that if NBNco can't or won't tell you what you are getting then you are going to be put on HFC. NBNco will not be building any new HFC networks in areas that don't already have them.

    1. Simon Sharwood, Reg APAC Editor (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: Incorrect

      Just reporting what nbn™ told me yesterday, when they updated the address finder.

      I take the point that there are some premises where satellite or fixed wireless connections have been promised, but plans are not yet firm and will tweak the story to reflect that.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I'm very happy to avoid the NBN for as long as possible. I'm hoping that if I can wait out this LNP government, a future gov may revert to the (good) original plan of FTTP.

    Right now I have Optus cable, which is fast, reliable and cheap. (I realise the FUD says otherwise, but I've been a happy user for about 10~15 years). I generally get about 20 ~ 22 Mbps. It sometimes drops down to about 12 ~ 15 Mbps, but that's not often, and is still OK for me.

    So, of course, the great NBN will remove the Optus cable and give me something worse, at higher cost.

    The updated web site says I can expect some pain Q3 of 2017.

    yeah. Thanks a lot.

  5. JJKing

    Canberra, LaLa Land.

    the service will be infused with new data

    Just wish they would get out there and infuse some effing Fibre To The Premises instead of this namby pamby bullshit that we are getting forced on us.

    That plan is due during 2017

    And Turnbullshit, inventor of the Australian Internet, was promising everyone would be connected by 9 days time. Now we are being told they will have the planning finished by 2017. Guess if they hadn't stopped for two years getting 6SIX different Reports until they got the one they wanted then it just might all be finished now. Bloody pollie wankers. Bugger you Jack, their pensions are all OK.

    FUCK, just checked and it looks like FTTN, double FUCK!! Would like to have waited and maybe gotten FTTdP. My connection is going to be slower than it is at present. Triple you know the word!!

  6. alan pedley

    This non-NBN is hurting Australian exports

    Like many people in Australia I have established a "small business" which pays wages if I am lucky (but removes risk from corporate)... I export knowledge and services to Europe (UTC --> UTC+01:00) and Caribbean (UTC -04:00 --> UTC-05:00) meaning conference calls, video calls, etc must be in the middle of our night (when I am at home) to meet with client business hours.

    I am lucky if I can sustain a voice Skype call, much less video call... I pay Telstra for ADSL2+ (performance is consistently and always way down on advertised performance of ADSL 2+)... NBN not scheduled for your address, check back soon messages are all I have received for years...

    I live about 5km radius from Melbourne CBD in a medium-high density suburb postcode 3142 (density = lots of potential NBN customers with less rollout)...

    The inability to effectively communicate hurts small export businesses - the very businesses government purports to support.

    #WhereIsMyNBN #MaqlcolmTurnbull #NBN #KellyODwyer

    1. sbd

      Re: This non-NBN is hurting Australian exports

      Small export businesses, apparently this means small businesses that will be exported to New Zealand.

      The National network was replaced with a Notional network, if you truly depend upon connectivity then there's little future for you in Australia.

      Along with the ever increasing nanny state, Victoria's continual persecution of the common motorist, and the lack of any telecommunications future for Australia, I am seriously considering emigration within five years.

  7. Winkypop Silver badge

    Looks like it's 3Mbps for another 2 years +

    And 3Mbps is on a good day...

  8. stfoster

    Before federal election NBN were going to build a wireless tower on our property, after election we never heard from them again. Not a letter or phone call to let us know what they were doing. Still have the survey pegs on our property for the tower.

    We went from NBN available last quarter of 2016 or first quarter 2017 to NBN is planned in your area - 2020....

  9. Big-nosed Pengie

    Thank the kriste I've got a couple of years of decent service until I'm forced into this shite.

  10. Medixstiff

    Well hopefully I can get mum onto something other than 512kb 20GB ADSL 1 soon.

    "The nbn™ network is estimated to be available in your area: Jan 2017*."

    Although the second last roll-out plan said it would be available quarter 1, 2016 back in 2015.

  11. Ian47

    So glad I managed to get DOCSIS 3.0 Cable to my house after too long dealing with ADSL2+ issues, particularly after a heavy rain. the ~30Mbit down and 1Mbit up sucks though. Supposedly next year we'll get DOCSIS 3.1; which will get us availability of symmetrical services - but naturally I don't think those will be available here.

  12. zedd

    Hmm ..

    > The nbn™ network is estimated to be available in your area: Feb 2017*.

    But I *have* a (not currently used) Foxtel cable. What does this mean? I don't want them to attempt FTTN, because i have an overhead telephone line that goes who-only-knows, so that presumably rules out FTTdp as well. If they are going to dig up my yard, I sure hope they do a /proper/ install job.

  13. TheBBG

    Priceless Incompetence

    My address is supposed to get NBN "Jan-Mar 2017" but it is in the planning stage with no details. Sure it will be engineered, installed, and turned on within 3 months. As sure as Tony will become PM again. Ooops, should not suggest that even in jest.

  14. Big-nosed Pengie

    Since I swapped to VDSL2 from cable, I've been getting consistent 70Mbps download and 30Mbps upload speeds. I understand that, when I'm compelled to change to the NBN when it arrives in my area in 2018, I can look forward to 25Mbps download and who knows what upload. No wonder they call it "fraudband".

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I'd Have More Confidence

    If the retarded website could find my address - its only been in existence for over two years

  16. scottyman

    I'm currently in an Optus area, so the new update for me is 'nbn is committed to completing the rollout by 2020. We expect to have more information about availability in your area soon.'

    I'm less than 2km from the exchange at Chatswood, one of the more populous areas of Sydney, but no NBN for us.

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