back to article BlackBerry sees a rainbow just around a corner

BlackBerry, finally able to describe itself as a “a software company and the market leader in mobile security”, posted a $117m GAAP net loss on revenue of $289m today. But sunnier times are ahead, CEO John Chen told investors. The company expects to achieve non GAAP profitability for the full financial year (which ends …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    BlackBerry services on Android

    I have been trying these out and I have decided to extend them to a paid account for the time being, simply because I think it's worth £11 a year to get the Hub back even though I've lost double tap to turn off screen. It's going to be an uphill struggle for them, but I think that Hub is still the best client out there. If only they'd done a deal with Oneplus. That would be an interesting combination.

  2. Bob Vistakin

    Only Microsoft tops them in the totally self-inflicted wound stakes

    The 21st centuries mobile losers, in order of asshattery:

    1. Microsoft. Imploded because it was too smug to think it could fail.

    2. Blackberry: Sat on its corporate laurels for too long.

    3. Nokia: Had the chance to go next-gen with Android which would have saved it, but instead believed Microsofts burning platform bullshit. About to fix that now it's free of the beasts evil clutches, which is still a big gamble but pretty much their only hope.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Only Microsoft tops them in the totally self-inflicted wound stakes

      Sorry too late for Nokia. Everyone associates them with old school phones back when phones could only call and maybe text. Trying to make a comeback today with the Nokia name would be like trying to sell computers under the Gateway brand in 2017....if they sold one I'd expect it to come with a built in dialup modem and free AOL floppy.

  3. macjules

    Blackberry Car?

    Oh dear. I presume that it will be petrol-engined, be out of date by the time it is launched and that nobody will buy it anyway?

    On the plus side, at least they won't have wasted as much as Apple.

  4. Jess

    BB10 is a great system.

    Or at least it will be when it is finished. (Or would have been.)

    It is still missing features I used at lot on the old BB system. (Though they have implemented many of the omissions that seriously annoyed me when I first bought my device).

    I think the lack of compatibility with the old BlackBerry servers was a seriously bad move. (And the lack of compatibility for old apps too)

    They really should have made the first few generations of BB10 devices dual boot with the old BB system.

    I have bought Apps for BB6, playbook and apps and movies for BB10. (I also did for symbian).

    I'm not buying into a new BB platform again (or Nokia for that matter). I don't see myself bothering with a new smartphone. I have an Android 10" tablet (which works as a phone too). If I ever need a personal pocket sized phone, then I will probably either go for a dumb phone, or an old BB or Nokia with a qwerty.

  5. Al fazed Bronze badge

    You need to

    look up in order to see the rainbow.

    One of the areas of fail in the autoauto scene is security of communications, where Blackberry is still recognised as a service provider with some integritty and the autoauto dudes at Ford could use a little help.


  6. Runty Dog

    Re: BB Car?

    Naw, not petrol engine - too new tech. This one will have an 'oat recycler' at the lead. Petrol engine comes about three gens later. (What - no horse & buggy icon?)

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