back to article Grab an ARMful: OpenIO's Scale-out storage with disk drive feel

OpenIO has launched its SLS-4U96 product, a box of 96 directly addressed drives offering an object-storage interface and per-drive scale-out granularity. The SLS-4U86 is a 4U box holding up to 96 vertically mounted 3.5-inch disk drives, providing up to 960TB of raw storage with 10TB drives and 1,152 TB with 12TB drives. The …

  1. Voland's right hand Silver badge


    You should be able to bake bread on top of this arrangement.

    More than 3 rows of disks in sequential airflow requires jet turbine levels of airflow to keep the temperature under 50C.

    1. Mark Hahn

      Re: Cooling?

      I wonder why you think that - have you perhaps not been around servers much, especially real datacenters with decent power density?

      It's routine to dissipate 300W in a 1u server, so given the same airflow, a 5u box has a 1500W budget, and the drives shown dissipate about 5W when active...

  2. Mage


    Back the Internet?

    I'd need fibre first.

    Maybe the lid or base has about 16 big fans? Big fans are quieter than small ones for same airflow. Even five drives in a server tower with 3 fans gets very warm.

  3. GrapeBunch

    Cooled by Lake OntarIO, patent pending.

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