back to article Cloud-happy Oracle dodges rumors it is axing its traditional hardware ... as sales of traditional hardware fall

Oracle is once more waving around its cloud revenue figures in response to another quarter of falling hardware sales. This ongoing drop in traditional hardware revenue comes as Oracle tries to shake off rumors that it will be winding down its on-premises system divisions from January. Speculation is rife on anonymous internet …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    As one Oracle employee told me, it's a question of when, not if, you will get laid off.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      So, if they stop making hardware what will Oracle run their cloud on?!

      Maybe they can leverage their agreement with Azure and port it all to that. I can only imagine it would cost them far less than using their own hardware!

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      I think redundancy is preferable to working there ...

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        > I think redundancy is preferable to working there ...

        I hung on for ages hoping to be made redundant, but no luck - saw plenty of people around me go through. I was almost last man standing, so made the leap to another company (hooray!!), only to find a year later the whole team (or what was left of it) was let go.

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      There are 2 types of high tech employees :

      Those who think they will NEVER GET LAID off


      those who have been laid off

      And it will happen.

      I was told once by an grey beard at IBM that after 20 years when his entire team was laid off only to be hired back the SAME DAY as contractors , that corporations really hate employees and view them only as a means to make a profit for the elites. We are all disposable as old printer cartridges when they dry up .

      There is a reason you don't see many middle age people working at many hi-tech companies - they are no longer wanted.

      1. Tom 7 Silver badge

        Re: There are 2 types of high tech employees :

        There are two types of accountants:

        Those that cost the company money in the short term by making employees redundant and hiring them again as contractors.

        And those that cost the company money in the long term by making employees redundant and hiring them again as contractors.

        1. fredesmite

          Re: There are 2 types of high tech employees :

          That makes no sense.

        2. Mark 65

          Re: There are 2 types of high tech employees :

          And accountants that recognise that the newly contracted ex-employee workforce will never again be entitled to severance pay so may be discarded abruptly come the next downturn without a moment's thought.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    She probably has something

    he wants to get his hands on.

  3. toughluck

    I want to say something unconventional here. I admire Oracle for sticking to hardware for so long. It's been over six years since the acquisition completed and quarter by quarter, people have been predicting that it's the quarter that Oracle will drop all hardware.

    So far it didn't happen. I think this is the first quarter where cloud revenue exceeded hardware revenue, and yet no, hardware isn't getting dropped. If nothing else, Oracle is on its way to become Oracle's biggest hardware customer.

    FWIW, Sun would be headed for bankruptcy if it wasn't for Oracle. Sun could never made the decisions that Oracle made, and heaven forbid if IBM took over Sun. It would have outright destroyed everything years ago and laid everyone off. As it is, Oracle increased investment into Solaris and SPARC and gave it direction and focus for the last six years. And apparently Oracle intend to continue, since they denied all these rumors as soon a quiet period ended.

    Oh, last but not least -- Oracle more than made back all the money it spent on Sun and hardware is still profitable. Who would willingly decide to just drop a 4 billion dollar business?!

  4. Spit The Dog

    It's no surprise...

    Solaris through all it's incarnations and various enterprises has given me a good living since 1991 and I currently look after some small M series Sparc hardware that do the heavy lifting in Windows domains. We've recently bought some M10-1 machines for their LDOM capability. The ironic thing is and the unpalatable truth for many on the internet is that in my recent experience I've found Solaris under Oracle actually works when it's released and all the buggy stuff we used to get with new releases from Sun usually work first time now. No doubt some troll will highlight some patch or other that didn't work but my job is definitely a lot easier nowadays.

    What links the companies I've worked for and why Solaris has no chance is that the accountants have the final decisions in an enterprise and they will save pennies this quarter (because that's how they're appraised) which will cost the enterprise thousands of pounds in the medium/long term, that's the way in nearly all organisations in the UK and the USA. So which two modern western economies have the lowest productivity because everyone at the coalface is demoralised?, um, now let me see. We see no chance of things changing for the better but only a relentless annual chipping away of T&Cs on flexitime, expenses etc (I've chosen not to travel for work for a few years now). Companies just seem to want to hack their own employees off for no good reason.

    This continued austerity does none of us any good, it's just depressing. It doesn't even feed into better profitability.

    Sorry to go off topic but believe the poor decision making is all linked to the downward spiral.

    1. Even Jelical

      Re: It's no surprise...

      Ironically, the M10-1 box you are referring to is made by Fujitsu, as were the Mx000 that came before them....

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Competitors spreading FUD

    That anonymous website is full of competitors comments posting FUD in order to undermine each other. It obvious when you start seeing pro IBM sales messages in the comments section. Anyone can post what they like on that site so don't believe anything you read on there.

    SPARC and Solaris ARE being developed further wait and see.

    Also Oracle wouldn't ditch hardware either as they make a lot of their money from engineered systems so that makes absolutely no sense. is a classic case of fake news.

  6. Daniel von Asmuth

    What traditional hardware?

    Oracle has been making hardware since it acquired SUN Microsystems. Little good has come from that deal.

    1. toughluck

      Re: What traditional hardware?

      I refer you to the post I made above. There were four options for Sun:

      1. Go bankrupt.

      2. Get bought out by IBM for IP and have all hardware and systems axed overnight.

      3. Get bought out by Oracle for IP and have all hardware and systems axed overnight.

      4. Get bought out by Oracle and have investment in hardware and systems axed increased.

      Options 1 and 2 have been avoided. They would have happened if it wasn't for Oracle buying Sun.

      Option 3 is something a lot of FUDsters from other vendors would have you believe. So far there were 26 quarters where they were wrong. If Oracle ever decides to end something, they'll be the first ones to go out and tell you: WE TOLD YOU SO! Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

      Option 4 is something going strong for the last 6 years. Oracle made money on the Sun acquisition, spent a lot on developing Solaris, SPARC and other hardware, and are still making money on hardware.

      As long as hardware makes money for Oracle, why would they kill it?

      Oracle is probably the only large IT company that does not lay off swathes of staff like IBM, Dell or HP[E]. Their latest large layoff was Project RAPID mentioned in the article -- 50 very experienced people when their project was terminated. They will have no problem finding a job in the Austin area or within Oracle.

      Also, Oracle prefers to hire from within. If any layoffs are coming, there are usually positions to choose from and stay.

      That's something that can't be said of other companies.

      Why don't people give Oracle the benefit of doubt -- at least in this case?

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    $9b in revenue

    is a lot of change to play with .

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