back to article Meg Whitman: HPE software's new owner? Kill a product? Never!

Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s chief recently told customers that Micro Focus, the soon-to-be new owner of its Software division, has never closed a product from a firm it acquired. What HPE didn’t tell those clients is that it itself was going to kill off a certain line - Service Anywhere. The US giant has confirmed in a …

  1. m0rt

    Meg, HP(E) and closing things is what they do best.

    WebOS, how I morn for thee...

    1. Abacus

      WebOS, how I morn for thee...


      1. m0rt

        Re: WebOS, how I morn for thee...


        GAH! Shame...

    2. Tim99 Silver badge

      Re: WebOS, how I morn for thee...

      WebOS: "It's alive, it's alive.": Not bad TVs, if you like that sort of thing...

  2. Anonymous Blowhard

    Whitman claimed HPE would not have sold its Software business had it not been assured of the buyer’s noble intentions that the cheque wouldn't bounce.

    (translated from executive-speak)

  3. Lotaresco Silver badge

    Megtard strikes again

    So another less than transparent announcement from Meg Whitman who, following a career selling soap and Mr Potato Head inexplicably weaselled her way into HP, presumably on the basis that no one leading a hi-tech business needs to know anything about that tedious techno-crap. Her efforts have been well rewarded and she has collected the prestigious "Most Underachieving CEO" award from Bloomberg. For her it's only a question of how long can she keep that grimace of plastic dentures on display until she ducks out and attempts to out-Trump Drumpf in her desire to become the first female President of the USA.

    Keep slashing away at the business in order to keep those earning per employee figures buoyant Meg and you'll be able to leave an enduring legacy of the HPES whelk stall and cockle emporium (employees: 1).

    1. EarthDog

      Re: Megtard strikes again

      She's as bad or worse than Carly, and more dangerous then Carly as she is more likable. You are right, the only skill she has is "realigning cost structure" to keep the share price up. In the mean time products and services are gutted and the sales force has been so mad at HP over 50% have left year over year. In a year or two the chickens will come home to roost.

    2. Abacus

      Re: Megtard strikes again

      Re "Most Underachieving CEO", I would have thought Marissa Mayer had that sewn up?

  4. This post has been deleted by its author

  5. EarthDog

    And everything is going to Asia

    HPSW US and Europe has been gutted and consolidation is occurring in two large Asian countries.Enjoy your cheap products and services!

  6. Herby

    Just a note...


    MicroFocus makes Cobol. This wouldn't be too bad for all concerned, but then one needs to understand that MicroFocus Cobol (the compiler) is WRITTEN in MicroFocus Cobol itself.

    This isn't eating your own dog food, it the dog eating its tail.

    I'm sure there is a good reason for this, but COBOL??

    Yes, I know, IBM Fortran 4/Level H was written in Fortran 4/Level H (opt 02 as I remember, it has been a while). It was the 60's, and if you remember the 60's you weren't there.

    1. Mike 16 Silver badge

      Re: Just a note...

      Now you've gone and made me want to hunt up my 8inch floppy of Micro Focus COBOL, and maybe blow the spiders out of the PDP-11 it used to run on.

      BTW: I remember the 60s, and I was there. I was just too busy with college and working three jobs to partake of the more famous bits. OK, did make time for Hair!, and a few Grateful Dead concerts.

    2. Vic

      Re: Just a note...

      This isn't eating your own dog food, it the dog eating its tail.

      It's not a problem. Most Forth compilers are written in Forth. Most C compilers are written in C.

      If the language is any good, why not write the compiler in it? And if it isn't any good, why write it at all?


    3. Paul 195

      Re: Just a note...

      One of the most important reasons the Micro Focus COBOL compiler is written in COBOL is self-residency. The guys developing the COBOL toolchain are using the COBOL toolchain to do it. So bugs get found quickly and fixed, shortcomings and irritations in the software get found and fixed, and customers benefit from a product that has already had lots of real world testing.

      (I work for Micro Focus, although I'm no longer involved with COBOL tooling).

  7. Alistair

    is it subtle irony

    That we have MF Cobol code (and compiler) running on HPUX on HP hardware?

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