back to article Telstra effectively barred from 700 MHz spectrum auction to boost rivals

Australia's communications minister Mitch Fifield has put a price on Australian Reg readers' heads: a lousy dollar and twenty five cents. That's the price would-be-bidders will need as table stakes in the forthcoming auction for Australia's 700 MHz spectrum, which has set that sum as the per-MHz, per-head price for the slice …

  1. Phil Kingston

    "if those carriers can be bothered erecting more cell towers"

    there's the problem - any new entrant to the market can buy as much spectrum as they like, but they'll have to play catch-up to Helstra's decades of erections before they can actually use it. Gonna need some investors with an eye on the long game.

    Or perhaps, they could just buy the spectrum, flog it on through a network of offshore shell companies and then flip it to big T for an obscene profit.

  2. mathew42

    Not just cell towers, but fibre backhaul as well. Telstra's optical fibre network in regional areas is their biggest advantage.

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