back to article Dell EMC shakes products biz like a snow globe

Dell EMC President David Goulden has reorganised the core products group, re-arranging core and emerging technologies, with consequent executive movement. We saw an aspect of this late last week, with Guy Churchward and CJ Desai leaving to pursue C-level opportunities elsewhere. The old product divisions were: Servers - …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    DSSD moves into server division?

    Interesting ... a bit like Cisco tried to do with Whipfail, make out it's a server/memory product. Surely the storage guys won't get paid on DSSD now? Is this their way of winding down DSSD?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: DSSD moves into server division?

      Don't think so. There's a LOT of investment in DSSD. Bottom line is that DSSD is more of a rack-scale solution - it's not designed to serve hundreds of hosts, like a VNX or VMAX - and its connectivity is more intimate to the host, so the powers-that-be saw it more in the server than the data-center camp. I'm sure the storage guys will get paid on DSSD... you sell it, you make money...

  2. G Olson

    Will the functional units now function?

    The Dell EMC merger happened just as my EMC Networker support contract came due. I haven't been able to get a quote for a support contract in months. Do you think they will stop chasing their tail and slapping their own backs soon to return to business? EMC has always been a difficult slog; now they are impenetrable.

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