back to article Internet of Things alliance LoRa: Licence to WAN? Yes please

Internet of Things folk the LoRa Alliance reckons its LoRaWAN may move from unlicensed to licensed spectrum to help guarantee quality of service, according to reports. An unnamed spokesman for LoRa*, speaking to wonderfully named communications industry news website Light Reading, said that the move was prompted by major …

  1. Christian Berger

    If you want to read an actual article about LoRa...

    ... I can recommend you issue 13 of PoC||GTFO

    Why do most articles about "IoT" have to be so devoid of content?

    1. gazthejourno

      Re: If you want to read an actual article about LoRa...

      "Company whose big selling point is use of unlicensed spectrum starts saying they'll move to licensed spectrum" is something devoid of content in your world, is it?

      I suppose if Vodafone started selling cars and we wrote about that you'd start huffing about it being #notnews as well.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    perhaps the news

    is that the licensed spectrum operators seem to be moving to prevent others moving in on their business, but without Ofcom or it's equivalents crying "foul - IoT was not in your license application, and other people are already doing it, so play fair!"

    not a surprise, at all. But where's the quote from Vodafone about "we're not going to start selling cars, any more than we're going to try to block innovative alternatives in the IoT market?"

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I bet it's a LoRa LoRa laffs working there...

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