back to article 'Significant' number of HPE OpenStackers flung to SUSE

A "significant" number of Hewlett Packard Enterprise staff are accompanying OpenStack code going to SUSE Linux. The Linux shop is taking them along with software and people for HPE's Platform as a Service and its Cloud Foundry efforts. SUSE would not reveal financial terms of the deal nor how many HPE staff are shifting. …

  1. Wayland

    OpenStack Vapourware?

    Has anyone here ever used OpenStack or did you try and give up?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: OpenStack Vapourware?

      I understand a lot of HMRC's systems are now sitting on Openstack. So a lot of us have probably used it without knowing. There are plenty of other enterprises using it too.

      You're right in a way though - the learning curve is steep and it's not very well explained to the (technical) novice. In my experience the likes of Canonical, Redhat and SUSE are making the best attempt at making it easy. I'm willing to stand corrected however.

    2. Geronimo!

      Re: OpenStack Vapourware?

      For all Cloud-Plattforms: It's never something which you "just install" and it's up & running.

      Starting with defining a test-scope, setting up a test-environment and then actually putting it through tests (and the latter two can and should be repeated several times) installing and configuring a (Test)Cloud environment is a matter of weeks, if not months.

      It all begins with deciding what you actually want to achieve with implementing OpenStack, CloudStack, Ovirt, Proxmox etc. etc. etc.

      For my company, I have now invested several months in Apache CloudStack, as it seems to suit my needs and still have things I need to test and investigate.

      So, it's no vapourware. But it needs quite a lot of input.

      (To get a grasp of Cloudstack: They have a quick setup for a single server under Cent OS 6 on their website.)

    3. fredesmite

      Re: OpenStack Vapourware?

      I tried the REDHAT RDO product on Centos 7 "Cloud in a box " on a single server as a demo a awhile back and that didn't even work.

      It is still a nightmare.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Have seen plenty of OpenStack installations in the public sector, universities and service providers. Also several fortune 500s have OpenStack initiatives and some of them should probably be listed on Do not know how fresh the references are though.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Varying degrees

    An "Openstack iImplementation" has varying degrees of the stack actually in the solution. OpenStack can be viewed as an ecosystem with many features and contributors, plus vendor add-ons that make a pure OpenStack implementation hard to define. But it all makes great marketing fodder for vendors to sell their high-priced services and secret sauce to make OpenStack fly.

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