back to article is still not functioning properly for some Microsoft punters

Microsoft is still working to resolve "difficulties" faced by its Outlook customers, despite months of complaints about the disappearance of sent emails and 550 Errors. A growing number of complaints threads have been posted to Microsoft's questions page regarding Outlook after recent upgrades to the service. They both precede …

  1. Duffaboy

    Microsoft will fix it

    By renaming it to something else, hotmail (done that) live (oh done that also)

    1. Neill Mitchell

      Re: Microsoft will fix it

      I think "Microsoft 550" has a nice ring to it.

      1. Dwarf

        Re: Microsoft will fix it

        I think you should change it a little to 5050 - as in so-so since that seems to be as good as it gets from someone claiming to be a cloud leader, which is telling on its own.

        You would hope that they would be able to follow their own design guidelines and come up with something half decent with some form of reasonable availability, after all, each successive outage of their service undermines their cloud offering..

        1. Pirate Dave Silver badge

          Re: Microsoft will fix it

          "I think you should change it a little to 5050"

          I think 5150 would be much more descriptive...

          1. Captain DaFt

            Re: Microsoft will fix it

            "I think 5150 would be much more descriptive..."

            Microsoft 503 seems the most accurate.

            1. yoganmahew

              Re: Microsoft will fix it

              How about instead of 5050:

              Microsoft? Phone a friend, it'll be quicker...

  2. Chris G

    Setting the standard

    From MS that is, change anything that is working reasonably well, tell you how much better it's going to be, give you no choice as to whether or not you are going to use it and release/foist it before it is fully functional (if ever).

  3. bombastic bob Silver badge

    Outlook's failure to comply with RFC 2822

    why does this *NOT* surprise me???

    There's the RIGHT way, the WRONG way, and the MICRO-SHAFT way. Looks like 'Virus Outbreak' uses the 3rd option. no surprise here.

    I still haven't seen a REALLY good explanation as to what (exactly) motivates people to use Virus Outbreak (aka MS Outlook). One person replied in another thread, saying how it integrates things like contact info with everything else. I just don't see it, because I'm not a sales/marketing/management/support droid that's on the phone all of the time. In fact, I don't even ANSWER the phone. I turn the ringer off and occasionally check the answering machine. Phones are DISRUPTIONS and my train of thought is too important to be disrupted. So why would I *EVAR* need a 'Virus Outbreak' to 'integrate' all of that? Exactly!

    I expect software devs (in general) are more like ME than are like someone who actually USES something "like Virus Outbreak" and so Micro-shaft continues to have their niche that's big enough to keep them viable... with *NO* FOSS devs capable of even SEEING THE NEED for something to REPLACE it.

    [those who understand the needs of Virus Outbreak are apparently unable to write a replacement for it; those who ARE capable, do not see nor understand the need.]

    1. A Non e-mouse Silver badge

      Re: Outlook's failure to comply with RFC 2822

      Woh, there. I think you need to cut down on your caffeine intake!

      Just because you don't have a need for the Lookout client, it doesn't mean other people don't have a use for it.

      1. Geoffrey W

        Re: Outlook's failure to comply with RFC 2822

        Give him a break; he's only 13 years old.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Sent items ok, but attaching anything is becoming a pain.

    1. Dwarf


      sshhh.. or you'll get an animated paper clip offering some help.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Office 364

    But just look at that TCO!

    Seriously though, the clue is in the name. It's 365 days a year service and how long is a year?

    1. Duffaboy

      Re: Office 364

      And Office 366 for the Leap Years

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Office 364

      Who said anything about the 365 referring to days in a year. I think they're targeting 365 hours per month.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Scale vs manageability?

    I mentioned this after the last article, and that's the surprisingly long time it takes MS to actually fix an issue for all users. Seems like they can bork things overnight with a massive upgrade, but pushing out fixes for regression issues take weeks using some slow, serial process that will suck a lot if you are at the end of the line for the update.

    Makes you really wonder at what point does the scale become unmanageable - not from a "we know how to do this big", but from a "it takes a really long time to fix hundreds of thousands of instances" perspective.

    Maybe we're already there.

  7. Geronimo!

    The irony...

    There I am, being a M$ partner and being buggered at least 3x a week, to sell Office 360,5 to my customers.

    Sorry, but as an IT Consultant and (Cloud) Service Provider, I always thought it should be my main goal, to help my customers maintain a stable, functioning and secure IT infrastructure.

    There once was a time, where M$ pledged they'd help me with that...

    Yes, I know. That was somewhere before the year 2000...

    Oh well, on the bright side:

    F*ck ups like this will eventually lead to the usage of better suited alternatives, that cost less, use less resources and provide the same or even a better service...

    Thanks M$, for doing my business for me!

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    MS & Standards

    At our place, we're moving to Office 365. We've been told that IMAP will not be enabled as Microsoft's IMAP implementation is very badly broken and causes many IMAP clients problems.

    1. Tomato42
      Thumb Up

      Re: MS & Standards

      looks like they follow Gmail example!

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: MS & Standards

      The IMAP bit is about the only part of o365 which does work. Mostly.

      Pity the IT goons are turning it off. But how else can they put a stop to all those Mac, Thunderbird, and opensource mail clients. Outlook or OWA/webmail for everyone, right? Right.

  9. ma1010

    Why not use something that works?

    I used to use Bluebottle, and after they went away I switched to

    They have a nice web interface if you want to use it. I use Maildroid on my phone with IMAP, and Thunderbird at home with a POP3 mailbox. It just works.

    Have never had a problem with fastmail. I very rarely had short-term problems with Bluebottle, over several years.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Still not working, ehh

    did it ever? I can't think of any software that has caused me more grief over the years than the various incarnations of outlook/exchange. And I haven't even worked as a Doze-admin.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Give MS 3 more months, they'll solve the problem. Give another 1.5 year for tiny problems that'll be found in the meantime. This is MS policy since last 2 years. The whole MS industry is affected by this disease. Only Windows "security patch" and "buggy feature and stupid change" department still working at tolerable speed.

  12. Oh Homer


    After months of facing an login screen that could not progress beyond the "select your timezone" stage, finally today it let me in.

    Even more ironically, the Office 360 trail period, whence this Outlook account spawned, has now expired.

    Microsoft's incompetence is simply epic.

  13. boltonuk

    Outlook mobile on my lg g8 tablet is now showing read emails oldest first, I want return to newest first, microsoft want a screen shot, not possible due to confidentiality of emails, how difficult to understand what I have told them is problem

    1. src

      You can't send them a screenshot because of confidentiality - but aren't all the emails stored in plain text on Microsoft's servers?

  14. PeterM42

    Typical output...

    .....that we have come to expect from MicroCRAP

  15. Stephen W Harris

    Seems to work fine for the spammers send me mail from

  16. Mike300ZX

    The curse of El Reg seems to have prodded MS into rolling out a fix to the RFC 2822 Date Header thing. Hooray.

    However, Outlook still won't save "Sent Items" from connected accounts. It is a little disingenuous for Redmond to claim "a very small percentage" affected as it seems to be affecting EVERY Connected Account user. Or does Microsoft think 100% is a very small percentage?

    1. gembrain

      A solution for the Disappearing Sent Items problem?

      I started having the same problem as everyone else with connected accounts - mail either not going or getting stuck in drafts....


      1) Delete the connection to the external account causing the problem

      2) Start recreating but do not put the correct information for email address/password

      3) then says it can't connect and gives you the option of PO3 or IMAP

      4) Select POP3 and enter details manually for the account to be connected

      5) Eh Voila! All is now working again - well it is for me anyway!

      Try it and report back. May well work but if it doesn't wasn't me that found the solution :)

      I'm just grateful that I can finally send emails with only one date header and save a copy!!

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